Wordless Wednesday… I Can’t Doooo Wordless!

JanuaryStorm_zps8a0fa3ef photo JanuaryStorm_zps8a0fa3ef-1_zpse3defaa6.jpg
Big old rumbly storm front rolled in yesterday….

January_zpsd553cbb4 photo January_zpsd553cbb4-1_zpsf3b55794.jpg
Priority #1~Feed those feathery and squirrely little bodies. Let every other thing go flying like Dorothy and Toto in the Wizard of Oz!

71 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday… I Can’t Doooo Wordless!

  1. Hey!

    Wordless Wednesday would be no fun without your words, Pix! (Wow. Re-reading that makes my head go in circles. What I mean is: Pix words = good.)

    Uh, got anything like warm boots to walk around in the cold weather? <:-D


    1. But we don’t want your head to go in circles! Why yes Laurel I DO have some lovely warm burnt orange boots to walk around in the cold weather.. 😀 They came Monday when it was 77 freaky degrees. I wore them around the house in my plaid boxers. I’m going to post them. Soon.


      1. thinking about the basement seems close enough to scary to me! yikes!

        tho’ I confess I thought you were talking about having to hide in the basement because you were wearing your boots ‘n’ boxers! great pictures in mah haid!


  2. I’m the same way, my chickens and the birds/squirrels and the cat get better treatment than my family sometimes (sometimes I even feed them–juuust kidding). That storm front is hitting us today. It went from 28 degrees to 50. Tomorrow it drops like a lead balloon again! Such a tease!


      1. I had a large flock, but they passed as they grew older. I have two now, a rooster who’s partially blind and his mother, who’s an ornery old hen, but she’s so funny! They’re our little pets and we love them dearly. The cat is my baby.


  3. Great pictures, lovely editing!
    Glad to hear you guys are okay and you got some water.
    Hey, instead of “Wordless Wednesday” you could go with “Minimal Word Wednesday” 😉 Though Chatty Wednesday works too!
    Stay dry.


    1. Our snow never flurried today. It was a no show. Thank you on the editing, it was maybe a little over the top on the storm photo.. 😀 Good old BeFunky and Pixlr. I love their programs. If CH would stop texting me for what to buy at the grocery store I would hop over and see your new post.


  4. If you had a wordless post, I think I’d be asking if you need to see a doctor. lol
    Your photos are lovely and so are your words.
    Congrats on the rain. I pray this is the beginning of the end of the drought. 🙂


  5. Tough for us to be wordless on a Wednesday…..we have to do the “Tell All” for Tuesday’s Teaser! Even when I’ve tried to be wordless it just doesn’t QUITE work! 😦

    Hope your storm wasn’t too bad………we’re supposed to get one tonight! YUCK!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  6. i usually find throwing in some words much more interesting than wordless, myself 🙂
    both clicks are cool, but what a dramatic storm photo, Pix! glad to hear that it was a matter of receiving some much needed rain, so that is good news!


  7. These photos are gorgeous!! I always enjoy your pictorials, as well as the narratives 😉 You also definitely have a knack for applying textures and such – I’ve gotten rusty on that! Enjoy this warm February day. Are we lucky or what?!


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