Wordless Wednesday

DSC_1107_zpsb83edb7c photo DSC_1107_zpsb83edb7c-1_zpse656064a.jpg
Did someBODY think the half gallon of milk was going to do some magic by the light of the fridge and get its empty self full again?

And YES, it’s empty. Teeny bit of milk layin’ there in the bottom.

SomeBODY must of thought we would need a half a thimblefull.

*I know it’s not Wordless. I’ll work on that next Wednesday.
**My 100th post! Took two years!!

70 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Congrats on your 100th “scratch on the wall!” šŸ™‚
    I laughed HARD at this post! I had a friend growing up whose brother was FAMOUS for leaving the tiniest bits in EVERY jar/bottle/container and then putting them back….we always joked he was too lazy to throw empties in the trash!


      1. thanks! my dear friend knitted them, choosing the bright green just for me!

        now, we need to see Sorels on your feet! <:-D well, and bunnies…

        we need to have a posting prompt all about SHOES and feeties!


        1. I agree to all about SHOES and feeties! I can’t decide on the dang Sorels. There are three pair that I like and can’t decide. I will PROcrastinate until there are none, nada in my size. The bright green slippers are just so you as I am getting to know you.. šŸ™‚


      2. oh, how i hate that muddled feeling of not being able to choose! how about buying ’em all and returning the ones you don’t want?! more satisfying than paralysis of analysis–it would give you a little breathing room too. AND! BONUS! You could clunk around in ’em in your living room! hee hee hee!

        yes, the bright green is definitely me! my friend remembered that I love orange, too; I didn’t know she knew that…. in the before-time, I would have known…. some days are horrible discoveries of lost memories….

        anyWAY, buy the boots and dance around!


        1. I buy my jeans from Levi.com and they let you order 6. I have done it and tried them on at home! But three pairs of Sorels freaks me out. Lugging them to the PO to send em back. Ugh. But clunking around in them here at home would be fun. I am afraid none of them would go back and then that might upset the gentle mood of someBODY.
          Aww Laurel isn’t it weird some discoveries of how we used to be jump out of no where and bite us in the butt?


      3. trade ’em for milk and Devil’s Food cookies!

        Pix, sometimes I figure out that the amount of money I spend on a thing (or three!) wouldn’t keep us out of the poorhouse.

        And… you’d already have the box for packing up anything you didn’t keep. Dang–I’m an EXPERT in doing things in dribs and drabs!

        Get the boots. Do it for your own shiny haid and happy dancing. Sometimes mental happy health comes in odd shapes and textures, Pix, even Sorels! cheaper than drugs and therapy and WAY more fun. just sayin’

        Oh wait! nuther brilliant rationale: you can print postage online and arrange a package pickup from the PO–all online!

        (Yes, I take body blows with the stuff that pops up–I’ve aged before my time AND I’m ill. damn….)


        1. Oooo you are so bad for me, making me get those three pairs of boots like I have been wanting to anyhoo! Seriously one pair will be enough, I think the Tofino style. I did forget about the online postage.. šŸ™‚ I know you are ill(damnit)but you are funny again L, bright spots of happy right? But I know there are other major issues. I wish I could wave a wand for both of us.


      4. I would share my magic wand in an instant with you, Pix.

        Maybe I’m not so much bad for you as “it takes one to know one”?!

        Can’t wait to hear what you decide to do. It’s amazing how HARD some things can be when we aren’t feeling perky.

        Yes, bright moments, Pix. It’s quite a ride and I’m sometimes hangin’ on for dear life. So to speak!


        1. You know you really aren’t bad for me right? You are good for me! Shoes~yes, takes one to know one! I know about hanging on for dear life and it is exhausting. We should take this to email since we are so chatty but then we would both probably freeze up.. šŸ˜€


  2. Welcome to my world, the milk, the one sheet of toilet paper left. I have Elves, called Hubby and Son. LOL
    100th post…Big congratulations, and here’s to another fantastic hundred šŸ™‚ Love you’z xxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie


  3. Ah, I remember the days of the little gremlins! The large gremlin who inhabits this house rarely does that…made me smile. I really do miss hosting WWA – but I can’t seem to get myself together enough to be consistent these days. Some days are better than others!


    1. I understand about WWA Linda, I just miss you. I am a roller coaster of emotions too and consistency has never been a strong point for me AND PROcrastination toys with me too. So I really understand. Some hours are better than others.. šŸ˜€


  4. Common occurance at my house. Milk, juice, bag of cookies empty yet left in cupboard, empty roll of toilet paper……..What’s up with that!!!!


  5. Congratulations are in order! Happy one hundred, Pix! Hubby brought home a gallon of milk since we were low. I proceeded to take the older jug out and pour what was left in a small cream pitcher to make room for the full gallon. The next day, I found the milk in the pitcher still sitting on the counter where I left it! The someBODY around our house is probably ME.


  6. ha ha, funny. Our house is full of magical things. Magic grocery list – write something on it and it eventually shows up in the kitchen. Magic laundry basket – you get the idea. šŸ™‚


  7. Hey! (-: Pix, I’ve missed you!!!!! I think I need to take a little looksee in my fridge too and plan to pop down the shops tomorrow! Oh, congratulations on your 100th……………….post that is! (-;


  8. I hate when someone, I won’t mention who, puts empty containers back in the fridge. I also hate finding socks all over the flat, but that’s a different problem.


    1. Hi TBM! Yep we don’t want to mention WHO does those things.. šŸ™‚ No problem with socks here but there is a WHO here who could walk over or by a piece of paper or something on the floor and never pick it up. Befuddles me.

      On Fri, Jul 5, 2013 at 3:25 AM, Under The Oaks


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