Mondays Inspired. By Friends….

DSC_0042-Copy-3_zpsddcd4ab2 photo DSC_0042-Copy-3_zpsddcd4ab2-1_zpsfc0266a7.jpg

So I find myself inspired today by my blog friends. That is some most excellent inspiration I think we would all agree. Inspired by Dianna at These Days of Mine. Linda at The Road Awaits. Sam and Pam at One Spoiled Cat and Margie at Latebloomerbuds.

I LOVE Mondays. Sundays I love more. Sam(and Pam)inspired me to shout that out. I really love this Monday cause while I also love CH he is gone all day to the BIG CITY with The Mama and sometimes I need a day to myself to let my wild and crazy out to play. So, I am going to buy a pair of Sorel winter boots and thanks to Miss Linda of the Road Awaits I am going to buy a wireless remote for my camera! Dianna got that purchase rolling with her post today about traveling tripods and kissing Motor Man and then Linda added more incentive in Dianna’s commentsΒ with the wireless remote that her hubby purchased. Margie inspired the snap of the jetty in Venice, Florida.

CH when you get your wandering to St. Louis and eating good St. Louis food person home you can blame all these gal pals in the links for my happy Monday inspirations. Boots. There are no words to express my love of boots. Wireless remote. And dang a blog post before a month or two sauntered by in a PROcrastinating teasing kind of way. I did manage to pass on the inspiration of a couple of friends to add a horse to the Tiny Ten. Today’s 19 degree high and memories of breaking up iced water buckets and hauling fresh water with my nose hairs frozen together was an inspiration killer.

37 thoughts on “Mondays Inspired. By Friends….

      1. and I was actually thinking about the words, Pix, when I said that–did go back at really “see” the photo!

        my Sorel boots were an old friend for years and years! do take a pic of you in them, yes?! O! a new gravatar! hahahahahaha

        early in my blogging, I wrote about frozen nose hairs, Pix. gotta love a lady who “nose” what that’s like!


        1. Laurel the photo is a stock photo kind of thing. I am trying to not fret over photos so much, I think it was part of my procrastination problem to post. I am going to pick a dang picture and slap it up there… πŸ˜€ I had a pair of Sorel barn boots and they lasted forever, I would still have them if they hadn’t been left at a barn and snatched up. I am trying to make a decision between two pairs I like.
          I am just happy to see you in comments, thank you! Did you give the Thing a name or is that not what you do? Your piece of art has some beautiful textures and colors.


      2. Perfect approach to blogging, Pix–take the pressure off however it has to come off and just enjoy our community. I am so happy to be here in your comments, Pix. It’s like coming home… at a time when it’s urgent for me to have that….

        About The Thing: it hasn’t occurred to me to name anything. I’ve been painting and creating in a kind of desperation in order to have something consistent in my life that I am able to do. I enjoy messing about with the art, too, but since the “enjoy” part of my brain isn’t speaking up, I have to *notice* that I like something and then I can call it “enjoy.”

        Thank you for words about the painting. I get to look at a piece of art differently when I hear other people’s thoughts.

        Look how happy we are to have you back, dear girl!


  1. Awwww………Pix………how SWEET that Sam and I are on your list of those who have inspired. WHATEVER it took, WHOEVER it took, we’re all happy when we see a post from you. Believe it cuz it’s true! Hope you are having some real fun with CH and Mama away……..we all need some “US” time once in a while. Sammy sends big Sammy hugs and I send – well – Pammy hugs! πŸ˜€

    Pam (and you know who)


        1. Pam that is so weird. I saw you come up on my notifications and next to your blog name it had a plus in a circle with “follow” and I thought I DO follow you. I got an email this morning that you had posted. That happened with Isobel’s blog a few months back and I couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t posting but she had fallen off my following list. So I guess I am going to follow you again.. πŸ™‚ And I don’t have a ton of followers and I don’t follow a ton of folks, you know how befuddled I get πŸ˜€ I’m just happy to have who I have!


  2. Now I am going to be in trouble with CH too! Oh, well…just be sure your camera is set up for a wireless remote. Mine is not – Dan’s is. I have to have the plug-in kind, but it works great when you want to work with those long exposures, like when I take night shots. Last night I was experimenting with star trails…fun! But, the remote shutter release is absolutely essential for that because you can’t afford any camera shake at all! Have fun…can’t wait to see what you come up with! Big hugs to my friend…who also helps to inspire me, by the way!


    1. I think I am good with the wireless. They sell one at Adorama for my camera and Ken Rockwell’s site tells how to get it going in the custom set-up menu but thanks for mentioning that important thing, I hadn’t even given it a thought just assumed.. πŸ™‚ You won’t be in trouble with CH, he is happy I am keeping myself busy!


  3. What a fun post Pix! Thank you for including me as inspiration. She’s baaaaack! And we’re glad! And, don’t get me started about having time alone in the house. It is one thing I cherish beyond words, and don’t often get. So, enjoy every second dear Pix. Margie


  4. So….exactly which one of us inspired the boot purchase????? Certainly not moi…..unless you count my little rain/snow boots as evidenced in our Vermont trip!
    Anyway, how wonderful to be mentioned (and thanks for the link!) in your post today. I am some kinda happy that you’re back posting, Pix.
    Enjoy the remainder of your day. Sorry to be so late commenting: I was out shopping with a friend. No, I didn’t buy boots – just a birthday gift!


  5. And your NEXT post will feature a picture of said boots! (See how easy this is?) We’ll just have to go shopping every day, then feature that on our blogs! πŸ˜‰
    My digital photography book mentioned a wireless remote, but that might be for my next camera. As long as this one works, it’s a keeper.


    1. Maybe not next post. Might take a bit for said boots to find their way to the Tiny Ten and they keep playing with the sizes in stock and I am having a hard time choosing.. πŸ™‚ I think for one of the Wordless Wednesdays I am going to line up my boots and let them shine.. πŸ˜€


  6. lol I know what you mean by this cold snap we just got-I was cold all day long yesterday when we went to town-I love useful tools for what I do-so much fun and sorels-are the absolute best boots-my pair are 33 years old now


  7. What boots did ya end up with? I think I read in the comments somewhere you were deciding between two different pairs. Both Sorels? They truly are so awesome. I still have a pair from high school – about 26 years ago and ya, they’ve seen a lot!
    You ever hear of Sierra Trading Post? Google it if you haven’t. Its where I do just about *all* my shopping…They rock.


    1. Hey ~d! I ended up with the Tofino in Autumn Bronze. Be here Monday.. πŸ™‚ I really wanted the Slimpack Riding boot but I didn’t want to go around looking like a goof with half chaps on. I cracked up when I read the reviews, every gal that bought them didn’t ride. I have half chaps and I could have just zipped them on and been in style I guess. I don’t ride much anymore so I thought the Tofino would make me smile.
      I googled Sierra Trading Post and I heard the angels sing.. πŸ˜€ Thank you so much for the heads up, you are so right they do “rock”! I fell in love with that last pair of boots you clicked. Thanks for visiting, I am so happy to have met you! And ~d geez I been out of high school for 44 years! Yikes!!!!


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