Happy Thanksgiving!

Joining Linda at Wordless Wednesday Again….

63 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Poor little thing. Looks like she’s looking for her husband. “He went out for milk a few days ago and never came back”. Oh the curse of thanksgiving!


  2. Lovely photo, but whats it doing out there.??? .lol I have to be quick, have mailed you 3 times, internet has a mind of its own today..See if ones come over xxxx000xxxxxxx


  3. When we lived in Worcester (MA.) we several times saw a family of turkeys who’d mastered crossing a 4 lane busy, BUSY intersection!! Craziest sight ever….the light would change and off they’d toddle! We theorized they were enroute from the wooded grounds of the Med School/Hosp complex to the 7-Eleven store on the other side of Rte 9!
    Someday when you have nothing to do, pull up a google street map for Umass Hospital, Rte 9, Worcester Ma. You won’t believe they didn’t get whacked!!!!


        1. It’s the little things…. !! <:-D

          Truthfully, it turns out it wasn't time for me to be in the World for a "vacation", but at least I tried and I DID get to look at the ocean a lot. THAT was good for what ails me!

          I keep forgetting to tell you: a couple of weeks ago, we took a little drive in the city (all the barns have been torn down to make way for miles of sardine-d people!) to a different thrift store. On the way home, we found the best cheeseburgers!!! It was a Mom and Pop and delicious!! Your posts about barns and cheeseburgers are household fodder, so it really was overdue to get a cheeseburger. hee hee hee!


          1. Your whole comment makes me smile!.. 🙂 Do you like your cheeseburgers thin and lacy around the edges or thick? Do you have Steak &Shake or Red Robin in your bit of country? Mom and Pop are the best. You know, greasy spoons or billiard burgers. You can tell I have had it with turkey. The ocean, the gulf.. Ah!


        2. We have Red Robin (but $$$$!!!!), but no Steak&Shake–what a great name! I’d be pulling into their parking lot! I’m not sure what I prefer for cooking style–can’t remember.

          Billiard burgers?! Never heard that one! Certainly Greasy Spoon–for the longest time as a child, I thought that was the name of a chain of restaurants! hahahahahaha!

          Very little repetitive turkey for us, which is really weird. But I don’t mind. We had turkey sangwiches last night for dinner–I love mine with yams, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a little turkey! <:-O

          How long a drive is it to the gulf? Do you take that road trip frequently?


          1. Almost two full days to the Gulf for us. We go to Venice, Florida. We go once, sometimes twice a year. Winter trip late January into February. Hope you are enjoying your Monday. It is Brrrrrr here today but 60 before the week is over. I will be doing heart healthy laps around the Tiny Ten before you know it. Staying in today and reading my Nook.. 🙂


  4. I wish I had some turkey visitors in my yard. I do see them on the drive out to the rescue quite a bit. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Pix.


    1. We watched a documentary last night on PBS called “My Life as a Turkey”. It was wonderful!! I think we got us some kick ass turkeys here too.. 🙂 You and BFF enjoy your day, we will think of you today when we give thanks!


    1. I know Sony! You were missed but I know we all get busy and other stuff is more important than blogging. I am in a blog funk right now.. 🙂 Yes it is brighter, same theme just went from the grunge look to white. Hope all is well with you. You must have a post, I am going to click over!


    1. We had a great Thanksgiving! Geesh I love that holiday!! She definitely escaped. Hunting season is over in Missouri for Turkey and we sure were not going to put her on our table.. 🙂 We don’t hunt! I enjoyed your post this morning.


  5. I hope you had a most enjoyable Thanksgiving Pix. That is a good looking turkey, I hope she did not end up on your holiday table…LOL Blessings to you and Country Husband. It has become cold in Maine, winter is soon to make it’s appearance. Hugs, Julie.


  6. a beautiful image. trust you had a good thanksgiving and are enjoying your hiatus. a busy time i am sure, but may there be fun in the busy-ness. do take care, and thanks for sharing. 🙂


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