Sunday Stills~The Color Yellow!

These were Country Cat’s YELLOW ducks. She couldn’t go by them without giving them a good hard right paw knocking them into the tub and running like she was gonna get it. She always got it too, she got chased and heard “I’m gonna get you”, she was scooped up and got lots of love and a big kiss placed on the side of her Fuzz Face. Then repeat and repeat and repeat.

Joining Sunday Stills for the color YELLOW!

58 thoughts on “Sunday Stills~The Color Yellow!

  1. Pix that’s a really sweet memory…..they certainly have their “ways” don’t they….I try to capture as much on film as I can knowing one day I’ll get a smile (and probably a tear) out of each and every one. Happy Sunday!

    Hugs, Pam


  2. Those sweet little furbabies have a way of grabbing our hearts and never letting go! I’ve had many cats and loved them all, but Stormy who is stretched out in front of the monitor as I write this, has really, really made me wonder what I ever did without her! She is sooo different but sooo special. She’s definitely a member of the family and we’ll (hopefully) grow old together!


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