Barn Charm

I don’t know where this barn is located. Befuddle muddled is what I am. What can I say? It was on the barn hunt trip that was only going to be a short trip and turned into three hours! And no dang cheeseburger was part of the trip. But the barns I found and the trip were almost as good as a cheesebuger. Almost. Put your sunglasses on your face to safely view this barn. I may have,  just may have pushed the color on this baby just a little or maybe a whole lot over the top.

Joining Tricia’s Barn Charm. Well! It is Tuesday!!!

Texture is ‘Quiet’ from Nancy at A Rural Journal.

54 thoughts on “Barn Charm

  1. It’s beautiful and the color looks just right to me 🙂 Wez all behind today’z..Had to go and fix someone’z compawter, so playing catch-up 🙂 So Wez will HOP along now and speak’z to you’z later. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie


  2. About once a week when M gets home, I say gee it would be fun to have cheeseburgers and milkshakes! Turns out it’s on Tuesdays! So far, no joy!

    (He JUST now called and I forgot to say!!!! No wonder I never get a cheezeburger!)


      1. OH! Perfect! Our stoooopid County got rid of the polling stations and we have to vote by mail. Which is horrible. Every person on Earth should feel deeply those moments at a polling station. The moment of individual power may only last for a few minutes, but the Self *remembers* the power.

        Uh yeah. There I go. What was the question again? Oh yeah. CHEESEBURGERS! I think I can go back to answering my own dang telephone–no more political *recordings*–who calls a house as a recording and expects me to listen, anyway?!

        Uh yeah. There I go. Again.



        1. Yeah! OK!! I will give it a try. You don’t know the agony I went thru to get that picture of feet and then size it down and get it on there. But I think that is a great idea. Give me some time but Ima do it.. 🙂 Yeah Ima DO IT!!!!!


  3. I like your textured edit!
    The barn appears to be in fairly sturdy condition and maybe a stone foundation which is cool.
    I had to smile at your ‘no cheeseburger’ statement. Invariably, Hubby and I stop by for cheeseburgers somewhere along the way when we’re out looking for my photo opportunities.


    1. Hi Carletta! Thank you for your good words on the edit.. 🙂 So you and your husband are cheeseburger lovers too. Barn hunting is an excellent excuse to eat burgers in small little towns!

      On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 8:20 PM, Under The Oaks


  4. Hi there – thats a nice picture – and if you are going to spice up the colour you may as well go the full treatment! We can sunglasses “hyper-relaity glasses because they make everything look like this picture!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Australia

    PS: came over from TexWisGirl if you were wondering!


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