This Little Popping Up Flower Face Isn’t Giving Up!

Our butterfly bush in the west flower bed just doesn’t want to let the drought win. It cooked during the furnace of a summer we had and popped some blooms with the rain and beautiful weather we have been having. I think it even got bit by a couple of frosts. That is one of our Oaks in the background dressed in orange. One of our Crepe Myrtles is popping some little blooms too! In November! I snapped this yesterday after lunch using aperture priority. It is SOOC with a small crop to cut out an ugly weed that wanderedΒ into the picture. I did size it in Photobucket.

Joining Sunday Stills for a Macro and Nancy’s Your Sunday Best.

69 thoughts on “This Little Popping Up Flower Face Isn’t Giving Up!

  1. Stunning photo…i love how you caught the shades of purple.
    I’m always surprised by certain plant’s ability to hang on long after they should have let go! I have a dahlia like that, and it’s
    not even very pretty….it’s just TOUGH!
    Great post. i’m going now to see what this Sunday Stills challenge is all about πŸ™‚


  2. Oh how “purty” your butterfly bush STILL is! I cut mine back about a month ago – it was pooped out but had grown tremendously through the summer…………it has shot out a lot of new growth since then but we haven’t seen flowers on it for a couple of months. I just love them though – especially that deep purple and the awesome aroma of those grapey flowers is one of my faves! Enjoy it while you can though – winter’s a comin’ !

    Hugs, Pam


  3. we had the same thing, here. a few tiny blooms on the crape myrtles that didn’t bloom at all this summer (after last year’s drought and this year’s grasshopper infestation). our ornamental pear bloomed a bit a few weeks ago, too. πŸ™‚


  4. My Knockout roses are still blooming like crazy! It’s so good to see that in November, but I know soon they’ll be gone until next year. I’m enjoying them while I can! I also don’t remember seeing as many butterflies this season.
    Have a good day, Pix! Hope you’re enjoying this great weather while it lasts. I’m trying to talk my lazy self out of this recliner and go look for some photo ops. It’s too nice to stay inside!


  5. what a beautiful composition! we have some calendulas left from the summer, and the mums are in their prime. something about flowers just gives you a pick-me-up! thanks for sharing.
    the beech trees here are about the same colour as your oaks, too. gotta love fall! thanks for sharing.


  6. I didn’t buy any flowers this year. I just wasn’t in the mood. So around the end of July, I noticed all these little plants sprouting along the sidewalk to my front steps. Turns out they were LAST years impatients! THEN…in September…the wax begonias from last year bloomed! The seeds must have been swept down by the water and wind and just laid dormant in the crevices of the river rock. They’re still in bloom and we’ve had two hard frosts already! Isn’t it amazing? That little butterfly bloom isn’t done with summer yet! You almost want to protect it from the elements!


    1. Oooo I just love it when impatiens come popping up unexpectedly. I love impatiens but a doe and her three kids ate all mine in September. They didn’t like the flippin’ petunias! I do want to save the little butterfly bloom.. πŸ™‚ Every dang year I say I am not going to plant flowers because after the 4th of July I am tired, tired I say of watering their thirsty selves. Lucky you, impatients and begonias in November!


  7. I would have been thrilled to see any of our b-bushes bloom this year but the drought did win, unfortunately. So happy yours came through for you!


    1. Sorry Nancy about what the drought did to you all. It took at least 15 of our trees. We will see how many more in Spring. We are still in drought conditions. Maybe we will all see some rain this month. I loved your kitty post today!


  8. Mornin Pix,
    I have a few hold outs in the yard too. I was kind of hoping we would have more of a rainy fall. Love the pretty bloom.


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