A Cat. Of sorts. And Pumpkins too!

Texture is Braveheart from Nancy at A Rural Journal.

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57 thoughts on “A Cat. Of sorts. And Pumpkins too!

  1. Oh I love that black cat. That is such a great photo, hope you didn’t sting your butt getting that one..lol. Hay,are you getting a cat? You can have Alfie, he’z house trained and doesn’t eat a lot 🙂 I can have him wrapped and posted by Monday 🙂 xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie


    1. We are THINKING about getting a cat. Been thinking since we lost our Z Catter in ’09. Well, we didn’t lose her, we had to put her to sleep. Yes! We will take Alfie, but I think he is pretty happy where he is. Where would Alfie be without Mollie’z and Humom?


    1. Mollie Good Golly! She is so dang naughty!

      Stay safe up there. You guys are on our minds more than you know. We keep watching The Weather Channel checking on you and Pam(and Sam) and all our other friends in Sandy’s path.


      1. Safe, and mostly dry! Lots of wind and rain, a good day for watching football and catching up on blog reading. Had to go outside to retrieve the last of the feeders when the wind picked up. We wanted to leave them out as long as possible, those brave little birds visited often when there was a lull.


    1. Nancy thank you so much for the textures! I just discovered your WP texture blog several days ago and I believe I downloaded four of them. Now I see they are on your redesigned blog. That is so very sweet of you to offer them. I love Candy and Ouiet. I think I will be using Quiet on one of the barns. Thanks for YSB too.. 🙂


    1. No I haven’t looked into doing that Kathy. So many people out there taking really good pictures and trying to sell cards and notes and most people are emailing. I am having note cards made for my Mom-in-law, she requested note cards with my barns on them. Thank you for the visit! Wasn’t it beautiful in Missouri yesterday. I went for a long walk in the crunchin’ leaves.


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