Wordless Wednesday Again. In Which I am Wordy!

Going to the Big City. Columbia, Missouri. Push the start button. Exhaust is a low rumble momomomomomo. Turn the radeeoooh on and slide back the sunroof. I see a White Castle Cheeseburgah in my future. See ya!
Linking to Linda’s Wordless Wednesday!

Tex I KNOW!!! I need a Wordy Wednesday.

57 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Again. In Which I am Wordy!

  1. Ohhhhhhh yah! Sounds like a harvelous way to spend a day………..look at those leaves – they’re leaping off the trees here too by the bucket full………love it! Gosh – haven’t had a White Castle burger in eons….sniff.

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. I’m tellin you what, I didn’t expect the fall colors to be so vibrant this year, but they really & truly are! I LOVE IT! The drive must have been spectacular w/ all that color! =)


  3. From one who cannot be wordless to another…I love the references in your words. Hubby ALWAYS wants a White Castle when we go back to MO! Thanks for linking up this week! Miss everyone!


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