Barn Charm at Tricia’s Bluff Area Daily

I have no idea where this poor old sad little barn was snapped. It’s sweet though in a dishelveled kinda way. CH was zooming all around and up and down and I thought I might get a little woozy. But I got my picture taking wits about me and hopped out of the car and sat down in a bunch of weeds and clicked. I made the trip all kinds of fun for CH because I whined about poison ivy all the way home. It was just going to be an hour barn hunt but by the time we were detoured by a bunch of bridge building guys and waited forever on repaving it turned out to be a three hour trip. I think this might have been close to Vienna, Missouri. Sadly no cheeseburgers were consumed on this trip. Road trips for barn shots are just the bestest excuse to experience cheeseburgers in Missouri’s small town diners.

Poor old barn.

Edited in BeFunky and Pixlr.

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61 thoughts on “Barn Charm at Tricia’s Bluff Area Daily

  1. It was worth it, it’s a lovely barn and I like the way you get it so it looks like a painting 🙂 You making my mouth water talking about cheeseburgers.
    Hope the poison ivy didn’t get you bad.. xxxx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie


  2. Oh Pix that barn is great……it really fits in all that beauty too – I kinda think after its’ hard life, sitting in the nice green grass with petty trees all ’round is totally what it deserves….then to have you capture it on film – it’s icing on the cake! (which sounds almost as delish as a cheeseburger right about now!!).

    Hugs, Pam


  3. The barn is lovely, but hearing the whole story behind the photo makes it perfect! Thank you for sharing all of it.

    I was just sayin’ to my guy: let’s have a food-destination, then I’d really enjoy a day-trip. (We live along what is scarily referred to as the I-5 corridor, which means there are gazillions of people and tons of concrete to face. But if there were food at the end? OK! I’m in!)


  4. This looks like the ones I pass on my way to school everyday. It is not going to be standing for long with that much roof damage. We have a hole in our tin roof and HAVE to get it plugged. It is amazing how much damage just a little hole to the loft. Not Good. Your capture is so nice. Nicely composed. genie


  5. Come to PA. Tons of old barns like that! They’re sad and pretty at the same time. It’s the old houses that I see in disrepair that break my heart! The ones with the gingerbread and big tall glass windows and transient windows above the front doors! The front porches with the wrap around porches…..those are the ones that I love!


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