Wordless Wednesday Again


Linking to Linda’s Wordless Wednesday Again

I know, I KNOW!! There are no words. Speechless is what I be. Speechless over those bunny slippers.

Best Birthday gift ever!

We won’t talk about how CH says I have chicken legs. Cause this is Wordless Wednesday.

53 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Again

  1. Oh I love em, I want a pair, going to put that on my Christmas list 🙂 Was going to give you my fantastic Cupcake award but I know you don’t take them..You can just look and drool…LOL Happy Wednesday xx00xx


  2. Oh my goodness those are DARLING bunny slippers! I’ve had a few pair of them in my time but those are the cutest I’ve seen……and if CH was the one who “gifted” you with those for your birthday, I’d be inclined to forgive him for the chicken leg comment….just sayin’ !!

    Hugs, Pam (and of course Sam)


    1. It was CH that gifted me the slippers cause he is just a sweetie that way and knows how I love the cuteness of stuffie like faces. And I never held it against him for the chicken leg comment which was made long ago and he still thinks I got some chicken legs and he would be right 😀 Have I not seen you with your legs crossed in a chair with a certain ginger boy cat on your lap and you have some cute slippers attached to your feeties? I might be thinking of moccasins????


  3. Pix, nice set of gams! cool slippers too, I’m glad to know CH has a “wicked good” (as we say in Maine) sense of humor…Enjoy the day, it is raining here in Maine. Greetings, Julie


    1. Well Julie, maybe not so bad for 61 year old chicken legs. They been doing a lot of walking lately around the Tiny Ten. We got about an eighth of inch last night. We have a chance for rain a couple of more times this week. Fingers crossed, we NEED it!!!! Enjoy your inside time, you could make your wonderful Whoopie Pies!!!!!!


  4. You are surely so much fun! From one who is unable to remain wordless to another just like me…this was too cute! Love the slippers, and your description of your legs…too great! Thanks for linking up today!


    1. That is why it so much fun to do your Wordless Wednesday Again. The challenge is to see who can remain wordless or is it to be the most wordy.. 🙂


    1. Thanks for being so kind Patti but YEP they are chicken legs. I get them from my Mom. She wasn’t a chicken but she did have chicken legs too with droopy knees. What can I say?


    1. Mollie’s and Alfie’s Mom, have I ever mentioned how sweet you are? You are. Thoughtful too. I have been away from the computer for the best part of the weekend and this morning I have to hurry my butt around and get to an early Dr. appointment. Gah! I will catch up on my commenting that I negected.. 😦 later today. But I wanted to thank you for popping by at checking on Sunday Stills. I opted out this Sunday because my time was squeezed and I was a bit befuddled by it. I am going to do Barn Charm though!! See you later today after one Dr. appt and a haircut.. 🙂


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