Sunday Stills~On the Road

We were on the road this week to the BIG CITY of Kansas City, Missouri. This is Country Club Plaza and shopping could make you very happy here.. 😀 And there are so many places to eat FOOD that it befuddles and excites!

Beautiful BIG CITY buildings stand tall and try to touch the clouds.

Kansas City is well known for its fountains and this is one of my favorties. It is the J.C.Nichols Memorial Fountain and it is in pink to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness for the month of October.

When I look at this picture this morning I can’t help but think of War Horse. We watched it last night, a wonderful movie.

We stayed in a small urban Bread and Breakfast that is always our choice when we go to KC. As usual we ate our way through the city. Breakfast was always scrumptious at the B&B and our first night there we ate at Blue Koi with CH’s brother and his wife. They are the ones that bent our arms behind our backs and forced us to go there! We kiddingly call the place Blue Lou’s but that is a whole other story. We had a wonderful funny good time with them and hoovered appetizers and Chinese Black Bean Chicken and Noodles until we could hoover no more. Wine and Octoberfest Beer made an appearance. We ate, get ready for it…CHEESEBURGERS at Winstead’s and had a whole lot of Italian at Garozzo’s. Stuffed Artichoke and Chicken Spiedini was the choice there. While we were there we also checked out the American Royal Horse Show which hadn’t quite got up to speed yet. Had to stop at Kleinschmidt’s in Higginsville, Missouri~the place with a gazillion BOOTS on the way home. We drove the rest of the way back to the Tiny Ten and needed to rest from our short vacation!

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52 thoughts on “Sunday Stills~On the Road

  1. Oh, I would just love to go there..Shop till ya drop, eat till ya explode, explore till ya feet have blisters. That fountain is fantastic. We went to Barcelona and saw the dancing fountain, all lit up at night, different colors and they make it dance to the music. That was the highlight of my holiday. Have a great Sunday xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie


  2. Great photos….love the pink fountain. Sounds like you ate your way through the city on your visit (!) – KC is a pretty city – my Dad was from St. Joseph and often talked about KC. It’s nice to VISIT the big towns but there’s something equally nice (or nicer) about getting OUT of the city back to the peace and quiet. Sounds like you have a lovely mini-vacation though!!

    Pam (and of course Sam)


    1. We packed a lot in, seems like we went non-stop. We were exhausted when we got home. It’s not like we have never been there. My Dad lived very close to KC and it has been part of my life and CH’s too. I think the very nature of the BIG CITY makes you move hurried and fast. That’s why we live country I guess, to slow it down!


      1. I KNOW! I sometimes do get tired being broke because it’s fun to try foods that take my fancy. Ah well. Life’s a b%tch! >:-D

        Another blogger I really enjoy is Deb from Bagni di Lucca and Beyond. (She’s the lady I was going to stay with upon my arrival in Italy.) She always writes about the food, is never shy about taking photos of their plates of yummyness, AND takes photos of other people’s lunch! That always cracks me up! hahahahaah!


        1. Ima always asking people what they had for lunch or dinner, I’m embarrassin’ that way. Have to check out your food blogger friend.


    1. The postcard effect is a border option called ripped paper on Photobucket’s editor. I love Photobucket but I wish they would quit messin’ with it. They are trying to new and improve it and they are driving me insane!! Enjoy the rest of your evening Margie!


    1. I didn’t come any where near doing Kansas City justice. It is a sprawling city with loads of character and so much to see. I always forget how wonderful it is. I am from St. Louis and it is full of character too but there is something about KC that calls to us. My Dad’s family is from a small farming town near Kansas City.


  3. Love your KC shots, Pix! My son lives there again after a stint in Texas so I’ve been there many times. I like KC, too, but I’m happier when I’m leaving it and heading back to the country! Vacations are all about food for me. My hubby could care less if he eats or not, so it’s a bit of a problem when I want to try out different places. When we went to SDC at Branson, I just told him he was on his own and I would eat whenever and whatever I wanted. Guess who was trying to snitch some of my food most of the time!


    1. Your son is back in KC! Happy for you!! You crackin’ me up with the food snitcher.. 😆 Hope you are feeling better.


  4. I’ve only driven through Kansas City and haven’t had a chance to explore it yet. One day I want to go back to the States and visit all of the places I haven’t been to. Maybe when I retire. Love the photos.


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