Wordless Wednesday!



Rain fell ever so gently out of a rumbly sky on the Tiny Ten the whole dang night. It isn’t much, but we will take it.
Joining Linda at her Wordless Wednesday Blog.
I know, I know. I have a hard time being wordless.

*Shot these photos at 7am this morning and no it was not 80 degrees. The temp thingie had a meltdown this summer. Like me.

59 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday!

    1. We will take your rain! I think you take excellent pictures Mollie and I love the cute photos and effects you do for your posts. I am clueless to do those cute things. Enjoy your Wednesday too and get in some good sniffs and scratches.. 🙂


    1. Not always but mostly. We had motocross races up the road Saturday and Sunday. Gah. But mostly life is pretty quiet here except for Duncan the Donkey who has lots to say and he says it all day.. 🙂 We love hearing him. And then there are moos and tractors, all noises we love to hear. A few whinnies too!


  1. You never have to be wordless here! I love your photos and your words…rain…how nice for you! Hope you get enough to make up for the lack this summer!


  2. Love that first photo! Glad you got a little bit of rain, Pix. That’s about all we got…a little bit. But as you said, we’ll take it! I watched the radar while I was online last night and saw the big cell just south of us. I kept hoping and hoping it would veer a little more north, but no such luck. Darn it!


  3. Oh nice!!! Beautiful shots Pix……you know, SOME rain is better than NONE…..we had a ten minute thunderstorm in the middle of the night but at least it was a bit of WET which we needed!!

    Pam (and Sam)


  4. Actually, it’s all so beautiful. The scenery and the path is gorgeous. The lack of rainfall is in our area also the entire summer. Sorry, I’m a bit late in visiting, but, have had a couple of days where the computer is not very cooperative!!


    1. I was already there this morning and thought it was genius and funny but I felt stoopid hangin’ with all you funny creative puppers people when I have no pupper. I don’t even have a kitty right now, no guinea pigs no nothing nada not even a goldfish. I do have bunny slippers that I got for my birthday and they have been a little naughty and tried to trip me up. I also have a stuffie, Suds Bunny. I will click on over…..


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