Sunday Stills~Music

Sunday Stills
The challenge this week at Sunday Stills is MUSIC. The description as posted for the challenge-“This will be a fun challenge I think because music can be found in a lot of different people, places and things. Take some shots that reflect the music in your life.” Ok I have to tell you, I am a gal that loves cars and trucks. Love their colors, shapes and sounds. And the soft idling momomomomomo that ramps up to a throaty little growl from this exhaust is music to my ears. I get this vehicle lovin’ thing honest from my Mom and Dad. My Mom loved her little dark green 1966 Mustang and I could hardly wait to grab it after school where she worked and cruise my little town with my gal pals. My Dad loved every car he owned and couldn’t wait to buy the next one. So this one is for you Mom and Dad! I know you are up there watching and smiling.

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46 thoughts on “Sunday Stills~Music

  1. Another car lover! I have been one since I was a little girl…had my dream car several years ago – a 25th anniversary edition red Camaro! I LOVED that car! It really was music to my ears! I also owned a teal colored 1970 mustang – loved that one too! Now I have a more traditional car – a Jeep Grand Cherokee…oh well, my cruisin’ days are over.


  2. Oh, yes! Gotta love those oldies (both cars and music!). My first car was a ’64 Mustang, traded it for a ’69 Chevelle SS396 (which I loved!!). Now I’m driving a Dodge Charger with a Hemi….Love your angle on the challenge….!


  3. What a WONDERFUL choice for “Music” – indeed the phrase “music to my ears” means something different to all of us…..there’s music in a glass of fine wine, in the sound of the falling leaves, and most CERTAINLY from the sound of a “healthy” car engine! I agree with that one for sure….good choice. No doubt your Dad got a big smile from the choice too. 😀

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


        1. Yes to your first addy! I thought maybe I left out the c but I checked and the address is correct in my contacts. Well, I was just asking how you were and blabbing on about nothing. I mainly just wanted to hear from you, you hadn’t posted in a bit… 🙂


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