Sunday Stills~Shadows of Ourselves

sunday stills
Painting the front porch welcome grate. Truthfully, taking a picture of the front porch welcome grate that CH painted while I fiddled around and took a picture of my shadow. Kinda how things go here. CH does the work outside and I take pictures.

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50 thoughts on “Sunday Stills~Shadows of Ourselves

  1. That’s a lovely grate! It’s a good day for outdoor activities here – for me it will be garden clean-up I think. Almost everything looks so TIRED! No doubt I will be myself after a couple of hours out in the gardens….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ HAPPY SUNDAY!

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. SomeBODY will mow today because we finally got enough rain to make grass grow again. It will be an outside day here today too. I can hardly wait! As soon as Sunday Morning and Charles Osgood are over I will get moving. Planning on wine time Under the Oaks around 4:30 πŸ˜€ Enjoy your outdoor Sunday! Storms for us tomorrow.


    1. Yeah, it seems to work! 39 years in January. Yikes! I do wash my vehicle and scrub up the wine time chairs because, you know, the 4011 trees are not good enough for the birds to sit on and poop from. They like our chairs for that birdie habit. And I handle all the inside work.. πŸ™‚


  2. Ha ha! Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? He works and you play? That’s how it is here!

    Have a great day, Pix! I’m loving this cooler weather we came back to after vacation…and seeing a little more green, too!! Yay!! Hope you got some rain at your Tiny Ten.


    1. Yep I think that is how it is suppose to be but I don’t know if he planned on working quite so hard after retirement. Have not heard any complaints though. It is nippy this morning! We have been missing the rain, just a teeny bit here and there. Nothing yesterday. Hope you are getting some. We are going to water today! Welcome Back!!!


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