Wordless Wednesday~Memories of Squee

Joining Linda at Wordless Wednesday!

47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday~Memories of Squee

  1. I bet you watched him scrabbling around the oaks. I hope he lived through the worst of the heat and drought, too. Wicked time you guys had of it.

    (PS. Have now uploaded photo of teddy into my computer. I move at the speed of light!)


        1. I seem to be Living (Here and There) Zen these days, well mostly when I’m trying to fall asleep. Pix, that sleeplessness doesn’t last long, but it’s from excitement! Good things are happening–lots of time in the mosaics studio…. !! Feel better since I wrote “perhaps.” Go figure–venting is good for the soul!


          1. I am glad to hear this Laurel! Good things should happen for you. I have no problem falling asleep but I am up at 3:30 and usually can’t get back to sleep. During anxious times it is worry, during good times like so far the days of September it is excitement to get my day started. I vent alot here at home. Poor CH. Happy happy for you.. 🙂


        2. So pleased that September is giving you a reprieve from that awful summer, Pix! When you awoke at 3:30 during those terrible, scalding days, I bet you dreaded how long the day became by waking so early. (if you follow….!!)

          Thanks, Pix, for the well wishes. This is a long trip.

          In my advanced age, I see the value of venting, but in a sideways way–not just screaming to the rooftops that it’s unfair, but digging deep and finding the details that make me WANT to scream! (Over the last few difficult months, I did actually scream a few times in my own company–quite a good pressure relief valve! Really belted out a scream that started in my gut, appropriately enough. Recommend it highly!)


    1. I don’t have any recent info on him MPM, just meant that I was thinking about him for Wordless Wednesday. I hope he did ok with the wicked summer we had. Good Morning, enjoy your Thursday! We do have Suzy Brown Squirrel and her Mister building a huge nest in one of the wine time Oaks for Fall… 🙂


  2. Oh it’s nice to see the little dude again……I bet he’s all settled in somewhere livin’ “the life” – thanks to you helping him get on the right road for happy squirreldom. Wouldn’t surprise me if one day he brings his OWN little ones by for a visit – just to say thanks. 😀

    Pam (and Sam)


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