Sunday Stills~Brown


Joining Sunday Stills!

56 thoughts on “Sunday Stills~Brown

    1. Thank you Ed for Sunday Stills! It kept me thinking all week and I took pictures of lots of brown things. It kept the camera in my hands which was good! I went with this because everything feels brown around here right now. It is HOT and everything is crispy… 🙂 I hope next week we get some rain, not likely, and I feel all green!


  1. I bet everyone who approaches your front door slows their walking perceptibly… longing to linger on that porch… !! (Sorry it’s so hot! We’re cold enough here that we had the woodstove fired up yesterday! ??)


      1. I can imagine that your front door hinges get rusty from dis-use! Oh how difficult a decision to move back to the city after being under the oaks…. !! Waaah!

        Yes, Pix, a fire! Weird damn late-June weather. Apparently, the newsies are calling this month June-uary. I am happy to be spared the heat for as long as possible. Just can’t take it! And this from someone who lived in Tucson for 9 years!

        St. Louis? Hmmm… I have a great-great-something uncle who was a rum-runner on the Mississippi out of St. Louis! >:-D


        1. The stuff we learn blogging. I don’t know if I will be able to leave the Tiny Ten. But we can’t take care of this small acreage forever. St. Louis or Springfield~sooner or later. I hear ya on the heat and the ding dang humidity!


    1. Thank you for your good words! I enjoyed my visit to your blog and see that you have Julie from Dog Trot on your list of blogs, she is a sweetie. I signed up for an email subscription with you~moruralrambles would be me… 🙂


    1. We weren’t home yesterday but I am sure the a/c got a workout and it was nothing compared to what is ahead of us. I don’t think we will see porch sittin’ weather till October! Hope you had a wonderful date night with your Hubby. Also hope you made a decision on your shingle color…. 😀


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