Wordless Wednesday~B&B


Bugs and beer. Summer in the country. Under the Oaks.

Joining Linda at Wordless Wednesday Again!

51 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday~B&B

      1. Now don’t YOU start calling me Lauren! >:-D

        Do you actually have summer there? Ours seems to be delayed, not that I’m complaining because when it shows up, it’s way too hot for me.

        Happy Almost Solstice!


        1. I’m not very helpful, am I?! Whoops! It’s Laurel!

          At my job there was a Lauren plus me, Laurel. It was quite usual to have each of us called by the other’s name. One day, I referred to MYSELF as Lauren! See, that was a sign that my February wasn’t a distinct disaster; I had the makings of my current state well embedded!

          Lonestarqueen mentions misters–I have one over the bird bath and I swear it keeps the south-facing garden a little cooler. Recommend them highly (like this: http://www.amazon.com/Songbird-Essentials-Easy-Mister/dp/B001HB1BXQ/ref=pd_sim_sbs_misc_1). Get thee cooooooool!



          1. Laurel!!!! I have a blog friend named Lauren, her blog is Mental P Mama and when I start typing L a u r e I just put an n on the end of it…!!!! Sorry. I will remmeber remember Laurel or just “L”. I really like to refer to someone by their name when speaking or typing to them! We have misters on two of our birdbaths. When we sit out under the oaks we put the sprinkler off to the side. It really helps but on days like we have been having we move to the ac cooled four seasons porch! I can’t take the humidity~bah.


        2. me too about WordPress! the notifications plus the Comments I’ve Made have not updated for ages. i’m already havin’ enough trouble remembering where I’ve been!


      2. It’s quite all right, Oakses! It was funny to me and I was pretty darned sure you knew my name. I just know how disorienting it is to discover that one has been calling someone by the wrong name, when one cares about names like you do!

        I love that–“two of our birdbaths”! I only have the one…. We have been having awful humidity too, but at least the temps have dropped so it isn’t as stultifying. Can’t live in humidity any more–did that as a child on the East Coast and STILL remember the drag on me.

        Oooh and aaaahh that you have a 4-season porch. Lovely!


  1. Wondering where the comment I just left went. I don’t know why I have such a problem commenting on your blog. Anywho…I said that you probably need the Deep Woods Off with all that nature around you. I also said, I hope that you and CH are enjoying the summer. It’s been hot around here and we have been sitting on the back porch under the misters with our beer. Hillbilly is on Staycation this week.


    1. Deb I think alot of people have trouble commenting on my blog. WordPress makes it difficult for Blogger peeps and even us WordPress bloggers to comment. I don’t get why they make it so difficult. Thanks for hanging in there and commenting. It is hotter than he-double L around here too. We would be enjoying summer alot more if it wasn’t so HOT! I am ready for Fall! Glad Hillbilly has vacation and you two are kickin’ back! Enjoy!!


    1. Faye I visited your blog this morning and loved my visit. I would like to follow but I don’t see a way to follow by subscription. I will just mark you to my favorites. I had to get off the computer cause of stuff happening here but I am coming back to visit and comment! Thank you for visiting Under the Oaks. I know it is hard for blogspot people to comment on WordPress blahgs!


        1. I am so happy for you Lauren! I can’t stop smiling… 🙂 Yowza is right. Don’t tell anybody but I think we have decided to move back home to St. Louis. Went there looking at homes yesterday. Time for us to go home too, but it might take awhile.


  2. Well, no beer for us, but we definitely have the bugs! They seem to be especially prevalent in the evenings when I’m trying to get my sunset photos!


  3. Hi Pix, I like your photo…it says Summer, for sure! I just wish it weren’t so hot!! I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything in this heat! We won’t even think about a vacation until fall, although a short trip to Branson sounds kinda good. If we can find a weekend that is a FEW degrees cooler. I hear ya about the insects, they are thicker than ever this summer. I got stung by a wasp the other day and am on antibiotics now for a tick bite that started looking ugly. Ah well…that’s life…and it’s still good!! Enjoy your day under the oaks!!


    1. Good Morning Cheryl! Ditto on your thoughts about the heat. They are teasing us with a forecast this morning of 0.3 of an inch! Bah! Sorry about your critter encounters. Those ticks are nothing to mess with! We are waiting for September to get away too.


  4. Hey Pix!
    I will have to pass on the beer, never liked the taste but you could rub a lime all over you. It keeps the bugs off and you can use the rest for a Margarita. LOL.


  5. Looks like you’ve got summer covered! lol I don’t look forward to the bugs arrival. Their presence has been a bit spotty so far, as the weather has been very strange this year.


  6. Don’t hate me, but we don’t seem to have many bugs yet this year. It’s only fair, though. We could barely go outside last year because of all the skeeters.


  7. Honey, summer time has finally found us here in Maine. It was a hot and steamy day with a temperature of 92 degrees. Tomorrow 94, I dare not even utter nor think of the word FALL. I went to water the gardens this evening, but the mosquitos were thick as thieves and chased me back into the house, I do need to put OFF on my “to buy” list. Tomorrow I am heading to our camp and plan on floating in the lake all day. Pack up the beer, load up CH and come to Maine. I’ll make sure I have the OFF on hand. Greetings from Maine, Julie.


    1. Julie, could I leave CH here and just have some girl time? Hot and steamy here too, same temps. I have already said the Fall word in these comments. I want Fall NOW! I would settle for some rain. Have fun at your camp, floating sounds heavenly!


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