Sunday Stills~Clouds

I might be reaching here, but there is some kind of little face in the lower right hand of the sky… πŸ™‚ I had to use this picture from my archives but I think the rules are to shoot the picture the week of the challenge. I will do it right next time! Thank you Gobetween for your post that led me to this challenge!

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45 thoughts on “Sunday Stills~Clouds

  1. Beautiful sky and clouds……looks like the perfect spot to spend some time and WE think it looks like a little kitty face down in the corner of the sky too (Sam insisted I say that!!). I also love your blog header photo – what BEAUTIFUL views you have – that alone just HAS to be “blog-inspiring” !!

    Pam and Sam


    1. Good Morning Cheryl! Thank you on the nice words about the clouds. We only got about a quarter of an inch and we need rain bad. This has been the strangest summer. I will be glad to see Fall and I would be extremely happy to see some RAIN!


  2. Pix, My head is always in the clouds! Finally, I see the face, I thought I was suppose to be searching in the lower right hand corner in the sand. See wha I mean, head is in the clouds. Lovely photo Pix, is this a photo from your Florida vacation? Hope you are well and enjoying these wonderful spring days. Saying hey from Maine, Julie.


    1. Good Morning Julie! I think it is great to have your head in the clouds… πŸ™‚ Yes, this is from a Florida vacation. All is good here, just hot and dry. We need some rain. Give your lovely new kitty a scritch for me!


    1. I love that kitty! Why am I NOT surprised you spied that cat?… πŸ˜€ I have missed you! I need to get caught up on your posts and I will after breakfasts. You were quiet for a bit, like me and now there is lots from you. I love to have some quiet time and just sit and read your posts.


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