Barn Charm


This poor little yellow barn. And gray barn. And white barn. And a little bit of red and brown. It does have a dutch door and I would have loved to see what it looked like when it was shut but it has a rock against the door. This barn is just inside the Springfield, MO city limits at the edge of a subdivision and yes it has two fit looking horses that call it home. They were there as we raced into Springfield to eat lunch at Red Robin. On the way back out of town they were no where to be seen. I suppose they were snoozin’ in their little barn. Or maybe someone loaded them up and took them for a ride. This barn cracks me up! Round bale and all. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the little horseshoe on the door, you know, for a little luck! I worry about the horses getting a leg caught in the green netting or twine though. I am kind of excited to go back to Springfield and see this barn and the two horses again. We have been going by there forever and I have never noticed it!

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55 thoughts on “Barn Charm

  1. I like the barn’s personality…..a bit of this and that…..looks “fit” other than paint-wise too! I guess if the occupants/horses are happy with it, that’s all that matters. I do believe I can hear it screamin’ for a nice coat of RED paint though! LOL

    Pam (with Sam)

  2. If that were my little barn (and I wish it was!) I’d paint it red. Glad you noticed it this time around, Pix! Wonder what that is growing in the lot? Doesn’t look like the horses like it, but they’ve sure eaten the grass down! Nice shots. Hey, the sun came out for a while…yay!!

    1. Good Morning Cheryl! Lovely day yesterday! We grilled outside last night and played in the yard. Suppose to be nice today but windy and WARM. I have litttle flower faces to get in pots today. I think I paint it yellow🙂 I would love to have it here at the Tiny Ten and just look at it every day and smile. I don’t think they like that big old leafy stuff either. I have no idea what it is but it looks like something we have growing in part of our yard.

  3. I like the multi color barn slats . . . Looks like pounding up whatever is available to keep the little barn in working order. Bet the horses don’t mind a bit . . .

  4. This darling little patchwork barn is just the right size for a large backyard. If it was in our backyard, maybe we could get a few chickens to put in it. Don’t know what the city will let us keep in our backyard (horses probably aren’t allowed), but I like this cute little gable roof barn. A good scraping, a coat of paint, a garden bed of flowers nearby… it’s got potential. Awesome find and great captures Pix!

    1. Tricia thank you! Cinnamon Paper texture from Kim Klassen on Multiply at 50% opacity in Elements. I looked into Paint Shop Pro, I was befuddled😉 Just like with Google’s following and reader thingie. WordPress befuddles me too. Doesn’t take much to befuddle me.

  5. I understand your frustration w/ google reader… i don’t use it cuz i just don’t understand it… the old way worked, so i don’t understand their obsession w/ trying to fix what isn’t broken!

    I had found another template for blogger that i wanted to use the other day & when i tried to apply it, i found out that blogger doesn’t allow us to use any kind of template anymore other than the ones they offer, so in the process, i lost all 3 of my favorite blog link lists. i had to redo those & i’m still trying to find ones that were lost… frustrating, indeed!

    1. WordPress frustrates me too Tricia, not just Google and Blogger. I have an old blog on blogger collecting dust and I do use the reader. I just found out two days ago I had a reader on WordPress😆 I am so technologically impaired😀

    1. Thanks Dianna! I tried your advice on uploading a picture and guess what? It worked perfectly, no befuddlement. No problems. Thank you so much. I still have to go to Photobucket for my watermark but I can use it for SOOC Sundays and as soon as I get a watermark figured out in Photoshop I can do it the way you told me~wahlah!

  6. Sometimes we just can’t figure them out. I love it…yellow…great choice of a color mixed with white and red. It is little and so inviting. I like the little ones the best. genie

  7. Ah, poor little barn…just needs a little tender loving care…Pix, do you know what the green growth is growing in the pasture? Does not appear to be horse healthy. Love your barn pics…

    1. I don’t know what that stuff is Julie but I think we have it in part of our yard. Your right, I don’t think it is good for the horses. They were not interested in it at all. I would be willing to give that barn some TLC!

  8. About no sound – this happens to me sometimes too. Here’s what I do to get it back:

    1) First check the volume control on your monitor.

    2) Then if that volume is up, restart your computer. That should restore your volume.

    It would truly be a shame to miss Paul Harvey’s words on that one.pp

  9. Deanna…To answer your question, I used Kim Klassen’s Typewriter I recipe. I bought her Photoshop Recipe Book and love it. Between her “mustard seed” texture and some adjustment layers, gradient map, and some other tweaks, the grass and other greenery turn that wonderful green and it permeates the rest of the image so nicely. I LOVE her recipe book , and I have used the recipes in it over and over again. She shows photos, gives you the recipe, and then shows you how the layers are on your computer. It was well worth the money for me. It ihas been magic for me, and I would recommend it to anyone. I also belong to her test kitchen, but I have not used it as much. There are many tutorials on it, and I just do not have the time after school to look at all of them. Am waiting for school to let out before I really dig into those. Hope this helps. genie

    1. Genie did you mean for this comment to go to Deanna at My Loves My Life? I wanted to make sure she got if that is the case. Maybe wrong blog? Let me tell you though, I enjoyed your comment and I am going to be checking out Kim’s Photo Recipe Book😀

    2. Genie! I’m sorry!! The “Deanna” thru me off🙂 I’m Pix! Yes I love your editing on your barn charm and thanks for the tip. Just call me befuddled today. The sun is shining finally after several days and I am all befuddled I guess. Sorry!

  10. Oh, I don’t know. I kind of like the barn the way it is. It says “I may not be pretty but I’m pretty useful”. Looking forward to more pics of the barn — and maybe the horses with it,

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