SOOC Sunday~Frog and Peony

Linking to SOOC Sunday at Jan’s blog Murietta 365

I am sharing with Jan’s SOOC~straight out of camera. No tweaking was done to this photo. Honest. Cross my heart. I did take it to Photobucket to size at 800×600.

46 thoughts on “SOOC Sunday~Frog and Peony

  1. That’s a great shot, Pix, but I’m not sure if I can comment on that. I’m too busy being jealous that your peonies are blooming already. My peony plants are only just now starting to pop out of the ground.


    1. Janice and I thought they took foreveah to bloom! I was getting a cranky on because I didn’t have any peonies and everyBODY else’s were bloomin’! They may be late where you are but you will be enjoying yours when ours are just a picture memory!


  2. Beautiful SOOC photo Pix! The warm lighting really compliments the frog’s slightly green complexion. πŸ˜‰ But, the peony is just too gorgeous… a perfectly lovely capture!


  3. Beautiful! I love the “layers” of the lamp’s warm glow with the glowing peony below and even further below, the top of Kermie’s eyeballs glowing as well……super duper composition!

    Pam (with Sam on lap)


  4. Very nice, warm photo! You know, you can change the size of a photo in WordPress. After you insert it in your draft, just right-click on the picture. You’ll you see the “mountain” icon, click on that and go to advanced settings. You can change the photo size there! Easy-peasy! Hope you’re having a good Sunday!


    1. No. I didn’t know that Dianna! Thank you so much, I will have to upload a photo and try it out πŸ™‚ Thank you!! Sunday was rainy, stormy and chilly and then the sun came out at four and warmed up and it was a nice evening. Hope you had some sun. We have a repeat of rainy, stormy and chilly this morning. Hope you have some sun today!


    1. I do spend some time there Margie. Reading my Nook, watching the birds, talking to CH and sipping some wine at wine time. We live on that porch, we don’t need the rest of the house. Well, the toidie is a good thing. πŸ™‚


  5. What a pretty photo! Looks like a great spot for reading, or for working on the laptop or just simply gazing out the window.

    Isn’t this weather the pits? We had rain most of the night in my part of MissouREE. Enough, already! Hope your day is a good one!


    1. Kermie is right next to the Peony, is that what you meant Julie? Suds Bunny has been watching too much TV and eating too many chocolate covered graham crackers. I need to make him go outside and get some fresh cow manure air and spend some time in the flower beds weeding to earn his keep!


    1. Yes, it is Kermie. I found him abandoned on the sidewalk in our subdivision in 1989 when we were living in Northern Virginia. Not only had he been left on the sidewalk but he was drenched from a pouring rain. I couldn’t leave him there… πŸ˜€ So he has always been on our four seasons porch in every house we have lived in since then.


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