Spring at The Tiny Ten

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads~Henry David Thoreau

I have always loved this quote. It seems an especially good quote for people who love to take pictures. And it works well for people that love the outdoors. And so this quote finds a place in this post. It is also in tiny type at the footer of my blog. And that is all for this Sunday as we batten down in growing darkness for storms heading our way. Stay safe everyBODY in rumbly windy places today!

48 thoughts on “Spring at The Tiny Ten

  1. Pix, thinking of you and Country Husband, please stay safe. Your “tiny ten” is a little bit of heaven on earth. Greetings from all of us at Dog Trot Farm, Julie.


    1. Thanks Julie! We will be fine, we have our basement and they sure have let us know waaaaaay ahead of time. I worry about all those bird’s nest we have been watching out there. Poor little guys. And baby squirrels too. Dang. But I do get a little skeered 🙂


  2. Beautious! And I’ll bet the Bluebirds all vy for the house each spring. We’ve been lucky so far down this way the past few days. The storms have missed us and I’m hoping by the time the front gets here later today, it will have lost its bluster. Stay safe in your neck of the woods!


    1. Thank you on the Beautious 🙂 The Bluebirds have 8 other houses to decide on and we are all filled up! Glad you have been lucky down your way. It tried very hard to do something here but just lots and lots of rain and I think we are done with the worst of it. Hope all is well for you.


  3. Oh, Pix, what a lovely photo AND the perfect quote. Please stay safe, and let us hear from you when you can. Wish I could send you this gorgeous weather we’re having today. Take care, my friend!


    1. All is good here. It huffed and puffed and it pooped out thank heavens! I would have taken a teeny bit of your gorgeous weather today Dianna, lots of rain and flooding. But we are good! I hear a little thunder~geeesh!


  4. Oh Pix what a GORGEOUS pond/garden/woods view! I imagine you have a lot of wonderful little spots like this on The Tiny Ten. I never get tired of landscapes…..Mother Nature knows how to paint a beautiful picture doesn’t she? Hope you all didn’t have to stay in your “safe spot” for long and that the storms passed you by quickly.

    Pam (and Sammy)


    1. Mother Nature definitely knows how to do it right! She was good to us yesterday too. The bad weather tried to huff and puff but it just pooped out~thank heavens! Pam the pond isn’t ours but the garden and woods are and Country Husband spends lots of time planting and moving, planting and moving, planting and moving………. 😆


  5. Such a gorgeous capture Pix! Love the Henry David Thoreau quote, “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads”. The Tiny Ten sure looks like heaven to me! 😉


  6. I love your beautiful photo, Pix! I could sit outside and gaze at that gorgeous scene for hours! The quote is a perfect fit!

    Hope you got through the storms okay. We had lots of rain here, too much really…we don’t need anymore for a while! While in Branson, we had pretty good weather even though they called for rain nearly every day. I’d say after being in the ‘red zone’ weatherwise here in Missouri, we came out okay. The sun sure looks great today!


  7. Wow, wow! 🙂 I just wanna jump into my screen to go there, I wish I could do that. Hehehe 🙂

    Beautiful photo Pix, just too good. 🙂


  8. What a beautiful photo. It made me think of another quote, which I don’t remember accurately, but basically it says: water brings a little bit of heaven into the garden. Very true in your picture, Pix.

    Have so much trouble commenting again these days, that I have resorted to opening a WordPress blog PURELY so I can comment (I don’t blog on it, and anyone who goes there – hopefully! – gets redirected to me!)

    Writing from the Edge


    1. Hi Lorely! Thank you on the photo. I know Blogger people have given up commenting on my blog. Makes me sad that they have to jump thru hoops. That is why I left Blogger because they were having so many comment issues and other issues as well. Now Blogger has itself together and WordPress is all goofed up. My hearthasn’t been in blogging lately. Too much to do in our real life and the weather makes me want to be outside and away from the computer. My Hubby was wanting me away from the computer and in the sunshine! Me too 🙂 Thank you for stopping by! 😀


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