A Little College Barn Charm

This barn is one of two barns at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. I took this picture yesterday and I’m telling you it really was and is that green right now! I didn’t do any tweaking on these photos, they are straight out of camera except for the old Under the Oaks. I do have my picture control set on vivid but seriously it is GREEN here in Missouri! The Tiny Ten is green green green right now too and that is why I love Spring in Missouri.

Stephens College has an Equestrian program. They have beautiful barns and gorgeous indoor and outdoor arenas. Everything is neat as a pin! I love visiting there, especially in the Spring and Fall. The horses were feeling the cool air today and there was some full of their big old selves running and bucking. It was a lovely afternoon!

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66 thoughts on “A Little College Barn Charm

  1. Hi. I looked at the top one and thought, surely these are stables, so felt quite pleased when I scrolled down and saw the horses. Just back from very horsy territory and stables not unlike these are all over the countryside.
    Incredible green!


    1. That barn just makes me smile from ear to ear! It really is a lovely setting and the kids at college are all over those horses and the stable area. They were busy up there yesterday. Thank you so much for stopping by!


  2. Great pics (as usual) But the Green……WOW. That looks like mid June green, not early April. I would be smiling!! (In case you are wondering, we are still brown 😦 )


  3. WOW, Pix that is some color green you’ve got going on. I can’t believe you have trees leafed out. If you looked hard enough you might still find snow here in them there Maine woods of ours LOL…I love a barn in any shape or form, this one is a beauty! Happy Spring, Julie.


    1. Thanks Julie! If we don’t get some rain soon those trees are going to poop out early. Noooooo snow. I love barns too 🙂 Happy Spring back at you Grandma! You are going to be the coolest Grandma, I can’t say it enough. Congrats to YOU and Hubby!


  4. Beautiful photos, Pix! I went by the barns just last week when I went with my hubby to the Heart Center. We were too busy talking and I didn’t think of taking a photo! His checkup went very well, btw. Doc didn’t ask about his smoking which he’s still doing!!!

    Isn’t this just the prettiest spring ever here in good ole MO! Calling for a frost warning tonight here, so I guess we’ll be scurrying around trying to find enough stuff to cover the flowers and fruit trees.


    1. I am so happy about your Hubby Cheryl! We just covered the peonies last night and no frost that we can see this morning and I don’t think it went below freezing. And yes! It is a deelicious Spring! Missouri is gorgeous this time of year. St. Louis was so Springie when we were there last week I couldn’t stop smiling!


  5. WOW….now that’s a beauty of a barn. I thought things were green here in Virginia but Missouri has us beat – a close second though!! Beautiful…………just beautiful.

    Pam and Sam


    1. No! I can’t believe the weather!! It is so beautiful, I can’t stop smiling. Yep they keep those barns in tip top shape. It is a beautiful setting for a college. I think I hear me some zydeco….. I think I smell muffalettas…….. Margie! Is that powdered sugar on your face??????


  6. I just love days like that, medicine for the soul, don’t you think! =)

    Definitely a beautiful barn & it looks very well maintained… great captures & thanks so much for joining =)


  7. hey! and more! 🙂
    never noticed your prompt before, so i thought i’d follow your suggestion 🙂
    but seriously – that is such a refreshing green! gotta love spring!
    the grass is looking quite green here, too. our trees are not so far along. the willows are starting to show some foliage, they are usually the first trees to do so.


  8. How lovely! I used to live in Columbia before moving to SE MissourEEE 🙂 … so it was a treat to see your photos. I used to take my dogs on regular walks out at Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area. Ever been out there with your camera? I miss that place dearly. Anyway, I “discovered” your blog via my friend Christina’s Rabid Tidbits blog. I recently started my own “dog blog.” Come by for a visit sometime, if you feel like it. Love your photos and your style … I’ll be visiting regularly.


    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by Under the Oaks. I think I may have clicked to your blog via comments at Christina’s blog 🙂 We are about 45 minutes from Columbia and make frequent trips there for Chinese food! I have never been to Little Dixie with my camera but you motivate me to go there. Thank you on your kind words about my photos. I will be visiting you!


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