Little Squee….

Safely turned over to the good people at Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic in High Ridge, Missouri at 11:30am yesterday. They are super people. I have a few more pictures and will do an update but we are back on the road today to go to The Mama’s and I am pooped. Gee that little guy was fun! Thank you all for your wishes for his health and safety and your encouragement. It meant so much to CH and me! I will be around to your blogs and catch up this evening. Enjoy your Saturday everyBODY!

39 thoughts on “Little Squee….

  1. Stay safe, Little Squee. 🙂
    What you did is heartwarming-ly good. I’ll show this and the other post to my little nieces when I visit them next week. There’s lots of lessons for them to learn here, all by example. Thank you. 🙂


  2. That picture is just darling and dear…..and all that work you did to keep him going until his “second rescue” – well – bless you 100 times over. He has a chance now to live a long and happy squee-filled life…..thanks to you.

    Hugs of happiness
    from Pam AND Sam


  3. Thank you all so much! Thank you each and every one of you, you have touched my heart! I am sure it was all your good wishes and positive thoughts that helped get little Squee(thank you Tita for his name)to the place he needed to be(thank you again and again Christina)and the chance to go on and live a good little squirrel life. Enjoy your first April Sunday everyone! After two hectic fast paced days we are going to sit Under the Oaks and listen to nature and grill a wonderful dinner! I think a nap in the hammock is called for today 😀


  4. Little Squee is so darn cute! You did good Pix!. Now he will be with other little Squees and grow up learning to do squirrel things!


    1. E.C. that little Squee loved CH! He definitely imprinted on him. We got him to the rehab not a minute too soon! He would curl up in CH’s hand like that for hours. We sort of stopped being good about handling him when we knew he had a place to go with other little squirrels. 😀


  5. What a wonderful thing you have done. Many would not bother with a cute little squirrel. Your actions show me your heart, which is big and beautiful and full of tender love. I hope you had a relaxing Sunday under the oaks.


    1. We had a lovely Sunday. The weather was gorgeous, dinner was good and we couldn’t stop talking about Little Squee and how lucky we were that they took his little squirrel self. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words.


    1. I have a few more pictures for an update post but I wanted to do Barn Charm and I can only do a couple of posts a week without getting all befuddled with comments. 😀 I hate it when I can’t get around and do the commenting thing!


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