Tuesday Barn Charm!

Another barn from our Washington, MO trip. There is a large stone farmhouse that goes with this barn, and another barn and a small log building. I snapped pictures of everything but the house and have those pictures. What was I thinking not getting the picture of the house. It was all for sale! Just outside of Mount Sterling, Missouri. I could be happy living there 😀 Well, if I wasn’t so happy Under the Oaks on the Tiny Ten. CH thought that old farmhouse, which is in excellent condition, would be some big upkeep. Has a four seaons porch too! It is a lovely little piece of country.

More Charming Barns!

60 thoughts on “Tuesday Barn Charm!

  1. Hi Pix, well the first word that comes to mind is Wow! Love the barn photo, it’s a beauty! And your sleek new blog look ain’t too shabby either!
    Rains are a comin’ they say so I’m going out soon to putter around and soak up the sunshine while I can. Enjoy your day!


  2. That’s a nice property! Beautiful barn and I bet the house (upkeep issues or no) was a joy to behold…..I love stone structures anyway – imagining the time that went into that type of construction, etc. NICE photos!!

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. Thank you Pam on the photos 🙂 It really was a pretty piece of country poperty. I love stone too. We are suppose to be thinking of moving to Florida not to another country property 😀 I can’t get myself all 100% about leaving our Tiny Ten. We love it here Under the Oaks!


    1. It do look “purty”! We were a bit worried about flooding 🙂 It has a nice creek but it is in bottom lands. We are pretty dang happy here on the Tiny Ten 🙂 We have a dry creek except when it rains and it do not flood! We were tempted for a half second and then realized we would be even more isolated!


  3. There are so many charming homesteads on the outskirts of our little towns. Love that barn! Isn’t our weather gorgeous? Hopefully the rain will hold off one more day. I have so much I want to get done!



  4. Love that barn! Sometimes, we just get so caught up in the barns we forget everything else around them! Very nice shot though…


  5. I love, love, love that barn picture. It is really beautfiul and a nice composed shot. There are some really cool barns on the way to our house!!!


  6. What an incredible find! I’m sold on it. Love stone farmhouses, and the barn looks to be in great shape. Now, if I could just get my citified husband to move out into the country…

    Love your new blog look Pix! And, the post processing on your charming barn photo is gorgeous!

    Hope you had a beautiful day in your part of Missouri. Take care.


    1. Oooo you would be so close to us! There is another larger barn too. It was the best weather today in our little bit of country. Hope you had a pretty day too. We are taking care of an orphan baby Fox Squirrel. So teeny. He has sucked up too much time 🙂


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