Sunday Suds Return

Why yes. Stuffies enjoy Springtime too.

A bit of history on the Suds Bunny for people that didn’t read my old Blogger blog. Suds is a stuffie that was given to me by my Mom on Easter of 1987. It was her last Easter. She loved Easter, second only to Christmas. That stuffie was hugged and loved through some big grief and then Suds Bunny was stored in a large Tupperware container with a bunch of other stuffies and moved around in this container for several years. Then in January of 2009 Country Husband went to the basement and took the lid off the box of stuffies and brought the Suds Bun up to help fill the hole in my heart from the loss of our bestest kitty, Country Cat. Suds made a few appearances on the old Blogger blog and Sunday was his day. There have been a couple of requests that Suds show his fuzzy self. So as Easter nears I think Suds needs some blog time. And yes, I am a 60 year old woman with a stuffie I love. He sits on the porch and surveys the Tiny Ten and he gets a hug most every day. And no, I don’t want to grow up.

And while I am talking about stuffies and Easter here, I know my friends Christina and Bridget would want me to mention that as Easter is fast approaching if you are thinking of giving a bunny as a gift, make it a stuffed bunny or even better chocolate. Real bunnies need lots of time, love, care and attention. They are a commitment for the bunnie’s life.

49 thoughts on “Sunday Suds Return

  1. Aww, I remember Suds from your other blog. So pleased he has made a return visit. We all need a little Suds in our life to cherish and remember what is important.
    Hugs, Kim


  2. Well hello Suds! Long time no see :0) So glad you could join us again. He looks so adorable there with the spring flowers..
    As far as you growing up… don’t blame you…I can see no benefit to it either so I refuse to to do it too, :0)


  3. Very sweet, and obviously a comfort. Here in the UK, today is Mothering Sunday which marks the midpoint of Lent. People used to visit the Mother church in their area, the biggest, and often the cathedral. Boys and girls who were away from home working would meet their mothers there, the boys giving them bunches of wild flowers, the girls in service bringing Simnel cake. Now it is mixed with Mother’s Day so t has two days and two meanings.


  4. I love Suds, but considering his connection with your Mom, I think Isobel’s explanation make his visit today even more special.

    Love your flowers. We got snow today, so that chance of a box with air holes arriving on your front porch is getting better and better.


  5. How sweet that your hubby went and got your bunny. I have a few stuffies of my own, and I’m with you on growing up! Suds looks quite happy there among the flowers. 🙂


  6. Okay Pix, at first I thought Stuffies? when I saw the photo, but then read the lovely background and just went awwww. I thought you were being your goofy self at first. Well you kind of were the way you photographed Suds, but… It takes one goof to know another! I too love stuffed animals, although I haven’t bought any for quite a while. Some are just too cute to resist! Margie


  7. I loved getting to meet Suds! I just bought a stuffed frog with an Easter egg for my hubby – guys need love too, right? Sweet story…Also, great advice about the bunnies…people don’t realize how much work and that they don’t always stay little!


  8. Great to see you again Suds! You look wonderful there among your flowers. Indeed Auntie Pix, Christina MOST appreciates you mentioning to make it a chocolate bunny this Easte


  9. A beautiful photo that’s perfect for this time of year! 🙂 Are those hyacinths directly in front of Suds? In any case, I can imagine that Suds’ nose was twitching every which way… trying to take in all the great smells of spring.


  10. It’s the sense of history that made me really appreciate this post … and that cute little stuffie. That cutie reflects how caring you are. I am sure you are as loved as him.

    Btw, I’m sorry but I can’t hand you some of my chocolates here. 🙂


  11. I’m glad you will be lighting a candle too!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and I’m so glad you will be lighting a candle today too.
    Loved your story about Suds and no, I am not ashamed to say I still have my teddy bear and lots of other ‘people’ from my childhood. His own soft toys were always known as ‘my people’ by my son, and he conversed with them as if they were indeed real.
    Yes – DEFINITELY give a soft toy, or chocolate. I always worry about animals given as gifts. As you say, an animal is for life, not just Easter, or Christmas, or any other day.

    From Writing from the Edge


  12. It is nice to learn the story of your bunny. I see nothing wrong with being an adult that still hugs her bunny and I know you are thinking of your beloved mother while hugging Suds. XO


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