Six Word Fridays:WISH

Wishes for Spring are coming true…
Daffodils on The Porch. Kermie too!
Spring Peepers singing their frog song.
March days full of happy bird speak.
Feathery bodies splish splash at baths.
Wonderful “wine time” Under the Oaks!

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64 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays:WISH

  1. Very beautiful daffodils and a gorgeous photo Pix! Love how perfectly you captured the light streaming through the blinds. Wish I could write such wonderful verse!


    1. You write beautifully Theresa! We are ready for Spring here in MissouREE right? The birds outside the porch are talk talk talking and they have lots to say and I think they are going to be talking all day! I can hardly wait for it to warm up a bit and get out there πŸ™‚ Time for the table and chairs to go Under the Oaks! Hey CH!!


      1. You have a wonderful weekend too Pix! Rest and relax under the oaks… maybe it won’t rain for very long. The short, light rain showers just make everything more beautiful this time of year. πŸ˜‰


  2. Love the spring poems! Love the spring flowers. Love the spring sunshine…wait, I LOVE SPRING! Thanks for reminding me it is just around the corner, occasionally showing its head, then tucking it back…what a tease! Have a great weekend, Pix!


  3. Did I read wine? I’m sure I did. Love the feel of this shot Pix. BTW, quit giving E.C. recipes to taunt us with! She has enough of her own thank you very much! You, my dear, are an enabler! Margie


  4. Happy Spring Pix, it is nice to see Kermie again. The snow is slowly melting here in Maine, no peepers as of yet, soon, very soon. Oh happy day! Julie.


  5. I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to be outside enjoying this beautiful weather, rather than inside on the computer! LoL! I completely understand, so enjoy it while it lasts! =)


    1. Thank you Tricia! You have no idea how much better that makes me feel. I always worry about my blogging friends. But the outside calls and I am headed out the door with my camera πŸ™‚ Raking and flower beds call and a walk in Jeff City with lunch at Summit Lake Winery πŸ™‚


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