Six Word Fridays:BARE

bare feeties in the February surf

Texture from Kim Klassen

71 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays:BARE

    1. That wind was crazy last night. I thought it was going to suck “The Porch” right off the house! I am happy there is no snow too. But really Cheryl, 71 at 3 in the afternoon and 55 by 6! Crazy making weather in MissouREE! Thank you for you good words about the photo and caption 🙂


        1. No you didn’t miss a thing. I just was a little befuddled how the button works and happy that I didn’t have to reply thru emails anymore. I love that little button 😀 Theresa from ThirdHandArt’s blog told me about it a couple of weeks ago!


            1. Yes, that is a problem. Mine shows only the last 9 too. And the last two at the bottom, I can’t reply because the repy button falls off the bottom of my screen. I have to go to settings and reduce my zoom to 75% or just go to my mail and answer that way. If you don’t get those first seven answered it doesn’t work too well. But I may be missing something, I am sort of challenged when it comes to WordPress. I am still learning.


    1. Eve you aren’t so far from the beach! I tried to leave a comment on your new post which I loved by the way. I don’t suppose you would think about turning off that captcha word verification? 🙂 I just can’t bust thru it with the WordPress sign in too. I wanna comment!


  1. Oh, I can hear the surf pounding and feel my piggies digging deep into the warm sand. Reality…it is five degrees and three new inches of snow on the ground and more coming later in the week, it is still winter here in Maine. Thanks for the daydream Pix!


    1. Oooo your description of the surf and piggies in the warm sand makes me want to hop in the car and drive the two days it takes to get there! CH and I are always watching your weather and Eve’s too 🙂 BRRRrrrr up there in Maine.


  2. What a beautiful photo Pix! Would love to be on that beach walking barefoot in the warm, wet sand. Thank you for the mini Florida vacation.


  3. Summer has just started in my country and I couldn’t wait to kiss the sands through the soles of my wandering feet. Few weeks to go then I’ll be off to one of the most popular beaches in the Philippines.


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