It’s Tuesday! It’s Barn Charm!

DSC_1465 copy
This is a Highway 54 barn on the heading East side. We pass this barn all the time heading to Fulton and St. Louis(the Really BIG CITY)and I start looking for it before I see it and keep looking back at it until my neck nearly twists off. I love this barn in every season and the stand of trees complete this barn’s charm. It makes my heart happy each time we pass this barn and it makes my heart happy knowing it is there. We had some wicked wind roar through last night with some rumbly thunder and an impressive show of lightning. I hope the little charmer is still standing!

Linking to Tricia’s Barn Charm!

82 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday! It’s Barn Charm!

  1. Good Morning Pix! What a lovely old barn….it makes me miss ours even more. I love your texture too…very nice indeed! Give me an idea…I think I’ll have to go back over my old photo’s 🙂 Yes we had wind too and it’s still here but dying down. We had a bit of thunder and a light sprinkle of rain before it turned bitter cold. We could sure use more moisture over here. Have yourself a wonderful Tuesday!
    Maura 🙂


    1. Good Morning to you Maura! I know you miss your charming barn 😦 It is cold cold cold here too. 71 degrees yesterday as we ran errands~weird weather. I am going to spend my Tuesday looking at barns and visiting your new blog post and trying to stay warm. Take care!


    1. Hello Kate! I think the texture helps some of these weary old barns 🙂 I did it in Photoshop Elements and just added texture layers to the original photo. I took a tutorial from Kim Klassen but I am still befuddled and am going to take a class with her.


  2. I’ve past that barn many times. It is the real deal! I love the old time effects. How did you do that?

    We did have some wicked weather rumble through last night. It boomed me right out of bed!

    Have a wonderful day.



    1. It is the real deal, you are so right! And yep I bet you have passed it many times. It is cool to know that someone else knows exactly where it is! Love that barn in summer. I put a couple of textures from Kim Klassen on the original photo in PSE9. Enjoy your Wednesday, we are going to warm up a bit 🙂


  3. Boy, this barn exudes strength and tradition. You did a great job with the editing to give it such a nostalgic look. Well done! Great barn charm! 🙂


  4. This probably has to be my favorite of all the photos this week. Your texture work is awesome. Everything about the finished product is sheer perfection. My, did you ever do a great job with this one.genie


  5. Whoa! That texture is absolutely PERFECT for that shot! It fits it to a ‘T’! I haven’t been to Fulton or anywhere near there since I was a kid, so I’ve never seen this beauty, but I’m glad you shared it w/ us at Barn Charm!


    1. Good Morning Tricia! Thank you on the texture 🙂 I am going to learn about this texture thing and PSE, I signed up for an online class with Kim Klassen. Photoshop is a big befuddlement 🙂 But I just keep befuddling along!


        1. Jake thank you so much for thinking of Under the Oaks for the gift of your Dragon. So kind of you. It is a beautifully designed badge! I enjoy your blog and I love your enthusiasm for blogging and your friendship and kindness in appreciated much.


  6. Absolutely beauty-full, Pix!! I love this texture, overlay, etc, etc… just perfect with this old charmer! I’d love to visit the BIG city too someday soon. You’re so lucky 😉


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