Looking forward to this sandy path
And delicious sesame encrusted salmon alfresco.
Looking forward to wine time sunsets
And early morning sandy footed walks.
Looking forward to daytrip beach drives
And weather behaving going and returning!

57 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays:LOOKING FORWARD

  1. Oh, I feel a trip is in the near future! I am going to post a photo on my blog sometime soon that my son took when he was working in Destin, FL not long ago. He was only there a short time and working during the daylight hours, so he didn’t get many photo ops. The one pic he got just made me long for the beach! It was sooo pretty and relaxing looking. You know, I’m seriously jealous right now! I’ll get over it tho if you promise to take a few minutes out of your fun time and take a few photos to share with us, okay? Have fun, Pix!! And safe travels!!


  2. The beach sounds lovely right about now. I am a desert girl first, then a beach girl and then a cold hater… Enjoy that vacation.


    1. Good Morning Christina! You know the desert is close to my heart too! We have been so lucky this winter. It was 68 here yesterday. Got two vehicles washed yesterday and played in the yard and watched and listened to the birds. They think it’s Spring!


        1. I am happy your drought is easing up. We could use some kind of moisture here. I wouldn’t mind a rain filled day or a bit of snow. Yep a showery day would be nice. A nice little rumbly sky of a thunderstorm would be good too!


    1. Good Morning Tricia! It is a very peaceful beautiful place. I have always been drawn to the Ocean. It is Venice, Florida. Enjoy your Sunday. I’m ready for Barn Charm Tuesday and I am going barn shooting today πŸ™‚


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