Barn Charm In The Kinda Big City

I love this sweet little horse barn! Snapped it a couple of weeks ago when we went to the Kinda Big City. Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri. My laptop is going to take a ride there today and hopefully it will behave itself and get fixed quickly. We can always hope because I have a cranky going on when I don’t have my computer!

Linking to Tricia’s Barn Charm!

54 thoughts on “Barn Charm In The Kinda Big City

  1. I love the barn. We are headed home to Hillsboro, MO right now. Seeing snow…not much, thankfully! And I completely understand the “cranky” without the computer! We are going on a “barn chasing” trip while here.


  2. Amen to the crankiness when having to do without our computers! And that IS a sa-weet lil barn… the fence really sets it off, too!

    Nice find & thanks so much for joining Barn Charm =)


  3. Great looking barn, Pix, love that green roof! And it’s a neat looking place with the white fences, very pretty!

    I hope your computer repairs get done quickly, I understand the crankiness part very well. LOL! I’m getting a touch of the ole crank here because the busyness of Christmas and keeping watch over two furry critters who haven’t decided they like each other has kept me from ‘puter time! The good news is that they seem to be getting along a bit better today and I’m getting a break and checking out some blogs.

    Hope you had a nice Christmas and are back online soon!!


    1. Cheryl I am sure you have seen this barn. It is just outside of Jeff heading to JC Mattress. Didn’t hear a word from the computer peeps-dang. I still have my cranky and CH’s keyboard is making me crankier. Hmmm, I seem to remember you are sitting a grandpup I think. Poor Stormy!!


  4. What a beautiful barn charm and love the fence surrounding it also. It looks like it’s be such a nice place to relax and dream.
    I hope you get your pc issues resolved and get free of the crankies soon. 🙂


  5. I love the barn in the kinda big city, kinda is always big enough for me. I hope your puter is working soon. I sent you a card but I am thinking it didnt make it across. I hope you had a good Christmas my friend.


    1. Kinda works for me too. Although I do like to go to the BIG BIG CITY, St. Louis or Springfield now and then. I don’t know what I would do in a Really Big City. I found your card in spam. Thank you Christina. Let me know if you hear back.


    1. Good Morning Deb! I like the green roof too. It is a lovely place and has a beautiful home behind the barn. It was decorated for the holidays beautifully. Didn’t hear a word about the puter yesterday, fingers crossed today. It’s ridiculous how much I miss it and miss it even more because it isn’t right here to grab. CH’s keyboard is driving me insane. I think it is time for a new computer! You have been on my mind Deb.


    1. Hi Deanna! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Motherboard dead. New computer hopefully being picked up today and taken to puter guy to get it all set up. Maybe back in business middle of next week. Argh!!!

      On a brighter note, Happy New Year to You and Your Family!


  6. A beautiful photo Pix! Love the subject, colors, composition and lines. The curving, white fence in front is a wonderful eye-catcher. And, the storybook barn with the flag waving nearby is perfect Americana!
    Hope you get your laptop back very soon! -Theresa


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