Weekly Photo Challenge:Celebration

DSC_0298 - Copy

The glass is a tiny sweet celebration! The wine is sweet too and from one of Missouri’s fine wineries. The glass is old. Almost my age, six oh. There were eight of them and they were my Mom’s favorite glasses. They have rainbows dancing all around in the glass. They have been with CH and me since my Mom died. They have been moved more times than I can count. Two were broken here and there. I have searched and searched for more like them. My Mom loved Christmas, and while I have no trouble remembering her, it’s just special to hold these glasses at Christmas and know that she enjoyed a sweet sip out of them too. A sweet celebration for her. She is laughing right now, I know. And I can hear her voice….”Merry Christmas Sweets! Love ya!”

*Apologies to my friends who are reading this a second time….

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96 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Celebration

  1. Aw, how sweet to have something that was so special to your Mom. I’m sure you do think of her each time you have a little “celebration” using these glasses.
    Gorgeous picture, too, by the way!

  2. Good Morning Pix! Such a nice post about your Mom and what a lovely photo showing her glass and the lights from your tree. Funny how Christmas brings back happy memories (for most of us) of our families past and present. Enjoy your memories and another glass or two of wine.

  3. Hi. Love the pic. I also love the font you use to write “Under the Oaks” on the photo. You wouldn’t mind telling me what the name of the font is, would you? I’m always looking for a nice font. Thank you.

    1. Karen I don’t know why you keep popping up for approval on comments! I have done the approval thing and have visited and enjoyed your blog! WordPress keeps making me approve. Sorry! Maybe it will work next time you visit. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.

  4. How very special, the glassware is just lovely Pix. Cheers to you and Country husband, I’m sure your mother has a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye, just knowing how treasured by you her items are. Blessings, Julie.

  5. Wow, that’s a really wonderful photo! I love the background lights too and it reminds us of how magical, amazing and special the Christmas season with our families and most especially for you as it brings you precious and wonderful memories of your Mom. Thanks for sharing🙂

  6. I love this pic and the story behind it. You captured the sparkles and the reflection beautifully. It looks like that could hold a “chocolate martini” Lol

  7. Sometimes the second time around is even better Pix, like a good book or movie you know? I enjoyed seeing this again. The glass and the sparkly around it are friendly and make me think of Christmas pasts.

  8. A gorgeous photo Pix! What a great way to celebrate your Mother… a fine Missouri wine served in a beautiful family heirloom. I’m sure your Mother is smiling in sweet remembrance.🙂

  9. I agree, I believe your Mom is laughing and smiling in celebration of this sweet tribute to her. Your photo is gorgeous. You’re a very talented photographer & writer and an awesome daughter.🙂

  10. Thank you, Pix, for giving me a good ol’ friendly boost in my slightly Grinchy keister.. lol. This is the sweetest post in so many ways. Every time you write about your Mom.. I can almost visualize her, although I never met her. She truly sounds like an incredible feisty wonderful lady. And, that is the Sweetest Bokeh ever too!! I must try this and soon🙂 Speaking of sweetness.. I’m going to the Mercantile soon to shop for a present (neener-neener.. hehehe!). I’ll be thinking about ya though😉 Merry Christmas to you and CH!

    1. You are welcome, I think Tammy-About the boost in your slightly Grinchy keister, which I seriously doubt you have any Grinch tendencies. I am happy you can visiualize her, she was a hoot and I wish she was here. I am going to be forced, oh such a terrible thing, to make a trip to the Mercantile so that I can shoot some barns for Barn Charm! This rain is messing with me : (

  11. So many elements come together to combine so perfectly in this fabulous shot. The reflections of light through glass, with wine, and with such special memories of some one so dear. Raising my glass to your good health and thank you for such good cheer!

        1. Still not on the wine🙂 I might be clinking glasses but it is grape flavored pedialyte. I had to make meataballahs and smokies yesterday for our family Christmas today and it was pretty iffy the whole time. I feel like I have been run over by Santa’s reindeer. I will never order chicken salad in a restaurant again! Isobel I read War Horse yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Short and sweet, 120 pages. 5 bucks on my Nook.

  12. I enjoyed Warhorse too, though it is very sad. Should you get the chance to see the stage production, do go. It’s fabulous. I see Spielberg is making it into a film. I do hope he keeps true to the story, though that said, it was changed for the stage.

  13. I found your wondrous blog through Gracie Sam’s blog. I am so delighted to have found it. This post about your mom is so touching and joyous. I created a blog award last week (why not, right?). I wanted to bring recognition and congratulations to blogs/bloggers that light up the world with their optimism, their joy, and the gifts of their talents. I call the award The Candle Lighter Award. Some awards come with all kinds of requirements. Mind doesn’t. You can follow the link to get the award badge to post on your blog. Regarding passing it on to others—you can pass it on to whomever you choose whenever you want. I’d love to know if you do so I can put them on my list. That way others can discover the blogs that light your world. Your photography and insights touch my heart. Here is the link: http://believeanyway.wordpress.com/the-candle-lighter-award/. Oh, and regarding finding replacements for your mom’s crystal, have you tried this place? I got some of my grandma’s china pieces there. http://www.replacements.com/

    1. Kate sorry it has taken me so long! It is a busy time of the year and then my computer pooped out Christmas Eve and I am on a second one we have here at home with a wonky keyboard. Thank you so much for visiting Under the Oaks and your kind words. Gracie Sam has a wondeful blog doesn’t she? She is a sweetie! Thank you so much for thinking of Under the Oaks for your lovely award, very kind of you. For lots of reasons I have decided to go award free, believe me with my procrastination and befuddlement over awards and accepting them, it is the best thing to do🙂 Thank you for the link to look for my Mom’s crystal as soon as I can I will be taking a look. Hope you are enjoying your Holidays! Take Care!!

    1. Kris thank you so much for visiting! Hope you are enjoying your Holidays. My puter pooped out Christmas Eve and is going to the BIG CITY today for repair, I hope. For now it is hit and miss on this old wonky keyboard. I’m not getting around the intersweb too well right now. Hopefully Santa might make a late delivery of a new laptop🙂 Take care!

  14. Memories of moms always have a way of slipping into our daily lives…that’s how great an impression their presence makes…

    glad i’m privileged to be one…holiday hugs…hugmamma. 🙂

  15. Sweetdays — I LOVE this post! How very special! I haven’t had much time for the computer the past couple of weeks and am gradually catching up. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and will have many blessings in 2012! =)

    1. Thank you Little Things! I understand about time and the computer. My computer died Christmas Eve and just picked up a new one and I am so far behind at catching up and we are so busy right now with daily “have to do” stuff that I am a bit overwhelmed. Usually this is a quiet time and I can toodle around the intersweb without a thought but not so right now. A Happy 2012 to you!

      1. It’s important to keep our priorities straight! Sometimes we just have to ‘unplug’ and take care of more important things in life!

        I don’t have as much blogging time now as I used to, and it’s frustrating! Sometimes I have to choose between posting something new — and replying to comments and visiting other blogs! The nice thing about blogs, though, is that the material is usually still there later — for us to come back to and catch up! 😉

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