Six Word Fridays:MAKE

DSC_1398 - Copy
Hangin’ here making a little Joy!

Thanks Melissa!

52 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays:MAKE

    1. Good Evening Kim! Hey I like your six word sentence, yep I do 🙂 He is pretty dang cute! You are right, he is adorable. I saw that little face and I had to have him. Are you being naughty or nice tonight? Santa is keeping an eye on you!


  1. That little guy is so cute! He’d make my Christmas a little more joyful. You’re really good at these Six Word Fridays Pix. The photo is gorgeous! The little guy is in focus and my eye goes directly to him. Please don’t tell me he’s not in focus. If you do, I’ll really have to schedule an eye doctor appointment for next week. Have a Happy Country Christmas Pix!


    1. Snowless Maine! CH and I heard a little forecast that sounded like you weren’t going to be snowless for long! Have fun doing your tree, I know you will be doing a happy dance 🙂 Hope all is well at Dog Trot! Enjoy your Holidays Julie.


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