Six Word Fridays:THANKS

The Mama. Her Son. My Husband.

Dianna’s post this morning at These Days of Mine introduced me to Six Word Fridays. So, I am giving it a try. I think it will be fun and an opportunity for me to learn more about the people whose blogs I love to read. And for some of us, that would be me, a prompt to stop procrastinating and post!

30 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays:THANKS

  1. Hi Pix! I love your photo and what a neat idea to use 6 words for a photo….I’ll have to give that a try one day. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving over there in the hills of MissouREE. LOVE your new header.
    Maura 🙂


    1. Hi Maura! So nice to see you 🙂 We had a peaceful, food filled, thankful Thanksgiving. I know your Thanksgiving at Lilac Lane Cottage was lovely, nothing but. Take care, I been thinking about you. I need to come visit! Your blog that is, I wasn’t planning on crashing in on you.


    1. Thank you for the kind words about the photo! I loved your poem, it may have motivated me to be thankful for that guy I share my life with everyday 😉 It is a beautiful place to walk. Venice, Florida. But we don’t get to walk there until the end of January and only for a couple of weeks, but I’m Thankful!


  2. How come Country Husband isn’t wearing his galoshes? 😛 Maybe don’t tell him this, but he will forever be pictured in my minds in cutoff shorts and rubber boots.


    1. Hope you are feeling MUCH better this morning! Maybe we need to take his galoshes when we go 🙂 It was cold that day-no wading. Janice I won’t tell him, Shhhhh. But he reads the blog and I read your blog posts to him 🙂 I really, really like the shorts and farm boot fashion statement for CH 🙂


    1. Last night I was too tired, too full of leftovers and maybe a little too much wine and I didn’t get the “I did it” part. This morning on my google reader Christina I GOT IT!!!!!!! Cool. I love ya Christina! Always ready to do those challenges 🙂 We should think up one of our own.


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