A Barn With Charm on a Sweet Farm.

country 018 - Copy
Well I was “charmed” by this darling farm and the barn that actually has a smile! I see it, I know you do too πŸ™‚ And how can you not be charmed by a barn and a farm with all the building’s doors and trim painted in a dusty rose color?

I am linking to Tricia’s Barn Charm Tuesday~

37 thoughts on “A Barn With Charm on a Sweet Farm.

    1. Good Afternoon to you Isobel! Yes, I love those little flowers. I have had a time getting this little old post linked up to Barn Charm. Geeeesh. I need some intersweb instructions. I still don’t remember how I got Tricia’s barn badge on the last Barn Charm. Too bad it is too early for a glass of wine here πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the visit!


  1. Not to hang on coat tails and agree with everyone else, nut those wildflowers do really make the shot! I love how the buildings fit together as artistically as any cityscape!


  2. Tricia’s Barn Charm Tuesday is an awesome idea. I don’t have enough photos of barns to participate, so I’ll just swoon over yours. Not too many farmers bother to paint the doors and trim of all of their outbuildings the same color… and it’s a shade called dusty rose. This has to be the sweetest farm I’ve ever seen (maybe I should get out of the city more often). The round hay bales and the pretty wildflowers are like the icing on cake.


    1. Theresa I used my last barn picture today! I am going to have to get out there and click a few and if I don’t I just won’t participate that week. I have seen some gorgeous snaps of barns in your Flickr pictures. You should do it!


  3. The barns are nice, but I’m focusing on the green grass and the flowers. Is it a bad thing that it’s only November, and I’m already looking forward to the return of green grass and flowers?


    1. Nope Janice it is not a bad thing and by the weekend I will be with you wishing the same thing even more than I am now. At least you are not alone. The only bad thing which is actually pretty major is that it is going to be one heck of a teeny wait. And I know, those dang flowers stole the show, but they are cute all happy out there. I took that picture about 4 years ago and the barn kind of got lost waaaaaaaaaaaay back there πŸ˜‰ Makes sense to love the flowers, you can see THEM!


  4. I see the smile! It is a surprised kind of smile. You have a wonderful and as stree free as possible Thanksgiving my friend. I am on my way to Barn Charm.


  5. Love the cluster of buildings. Great shot. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your comments about Frank. Yes, he was loved, and is missed. We’ve lost quite a few cats over the past several years (all older) and we miss every single one in different ways.

    I’m sorry about your kitty too. There’s always a vacant spot left in our hearts when we lose an animal that we care about. The pain may lessen, but I don’t think it ever really goes away.


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