Weekly Photo Challenge:Hidden

DSC_0015 - Copy

65 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Hidden

  1. Pix, how did you ever caption that wonderful surprised expression on Country Kittie’s face? Priceless. Happy Halloween, I am surrounded by a sea of white! BTW, I shamed cousin Eve into blogging, I mean really, it has been a month! Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.


    1. Good Morning Julie! A sea of white, it’s just tooooooooooo early. Yikes! Bet it is beautiful there though. I didn’t see what that Fuzz Face had done until I loaded those pics to the computer. I think she was muching on something because if you look closely her little pink tongue is out of the left of her mouth on the picture licking her lips! And yeah good on you! You got that Eve to do a post!!!!!!!!


    1. I know! I know! I got the chuckles when I loaded it to the computer. Did not know when I clicked she was doing that. She has passed on and I miss her more than I can say but that was her goofy personality. I am so happy to have pictures of her 🙂


  2. What a great photo of your Country Cat, hidden, funny! Thank you for your comments on my Rain. I do know how you feel, I miss her own goofy personality and smarts and joyfulness more than I can say. So happy we have pics!


    1. Thanks for coming by! I enjoyed my visit to your blog and your “hidden” challenge photo. Rain has the sweetest face in your picture. And, yes, thankful for pictures that help capture our memories. Country Cat truly had a sense of humor. She was a character 🙂


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