An Award

I have been nominated and awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. This nomination comes from Isobel at Isobel and Cat’s Blog. I want to thank her so much for thinking of me and my blog. I would like to think that Not Cat was good with this too 🙂 Isobel has a wonderful blog. I love to read her words and see what Not Cat is up to each day. She posts some sweet, funny, great pictures too. If you are a kitty lover or just love to read beautiful words that flow into sentences that make delightful blog posts please click over to Isobel and Cat’s Blog. She and Not Cat even boat. A boating kitty! And a congratulations to Isobel too!

I am also suppose to tell the person that nominated me 7 things about  myself.

  1. I am shy.
  2. I have turned procrastinating into a fine art.
  3. I have a blankie. A stuffie too. For comfort and security.
  4. I eat the cold leftover homemade noodles from Thanksgiving straight out of the leftover container in the refrigerator with a fork while I lean against the open refrigerator door. Any pasta or noodle will also do.
  5. I was very mischievous in highschool and the nuns were worn out after four years of my mischievous self and glad to see me graduate.
  6. In 1976 I crashed my Suzuki into the concrete wall of our carport as a result of gawking at two construction workers across the street. Yes, I used to ride a motorcycle. I sold it and bought a horse.
  7. My big girl panties are what my girlfriend from kindeegarten calls spanky pants. I am not about fancy.

Here is where I am suppose to nominate 15 blogs/bloggers thereby passing on this award. AnyBODY who knows me or has been following me at my previous blog knows I can’t choose 15 or pick just 15. So, ignoring all those eye rolls out there and flying in the face of the rules I am saying congratulations to all those people out there that take the time and effort to blog and allow me to see a slice of their lives!

26 thoughts on “An Award

  1. Congrats on your well deserved award, Pix! You know I love kitties so I’ll be checking out Isobel and Not Cat’s blog. I loved reading the 7 things and can relate to a few of those myself. Especially the first two. How are you liking this cooler weather? We got a little rain here yesterday, but we need a whole lot more. Wuss that I am, I turned on the furnace last night.


    1. Good Evening Cheryl! Brrrrrrrrr! I am glad you are going to check out Isobel’s blog. I really enjoy her and Not Cat. The cool weather is great but the wind I could do without and I can tell it is going to mess with my walking routine. I just want to stay in where it is warm. We got about 3/4 of an inch last night and it came down hard. We beat you to the furnace 🙂


  2. Congratulations on the award Pix! You are a very deserving recipient. I know what you mean about tormenting the nuns. I swear, I didn’t do it on purpose. I am so glad that I didn’t have a nun for a teacher in any of my science classes. I would have driven her crazy with questions about science versus religion.
    I checked out Isobel and Cat’s Blog. It’s awesome!
    If you venture outside, bundle up tight. It’s cold! 🙂


    1. Thanks on the award part Theresa 🙂 Good thing we were not in school together, the nuns would have never stood a chance. I am glad you liked Isobel and Cat’s Blog. I said good bye to my impatiens and petunias and ferns today. I don’t think they can take the cold here tonight and definitely not tomorrow night. I am NOT ready for winter, I want to stay in the permanent state of Fall. Stay warm tonight!


    1. Kim Hello YOU! I am so happy to hear that you have a blankie too. I know, I know crashing looking at men. Remember it was years ago. I was young and stupid. I read your post today about Wednesday Hodgepodge and I got all befuddled. I loved your answers, it was fun but I get all befuddled with those links back to another blog. I am going to read again tonight. You are still wonderfully funny Kim! Thank you for coming by!!


  3. Pix. A BIG award from me for blogging again. And that is one funny photo of you in the pumpkin patch, looking all casual about it. Hahaha. 🙂 Wish I could do the same thing right now but….dang, must run to work again. Parking myself in a pumpkin patch will have to wait….
    xox Maria


    1. Maria, Thank you so much for that award from you cause I am blogging again. Thank ya very much. And yes that would be me, the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. And if you do decide to park yourself in a pumpkin patch, Mr. Pix and I want pictures!

      xox back at you! And, and, and I was tickled to see your post 🙂


    1. Why, thank you so much Susan! You know I just realized why I love November so much and what the other wonderful thing is that I look forward to in addition to Thanksgiving. Susan’s daily post. I love to visit Susan every dang day! I was happy to hear that you were going to do it again this year. You be a stronger woman than I. Or is it me? I am too bad of a procrastinator to even think about it 🙂 Thank you for your visit!


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