Weekly Photo Challenge:Comfort


DSC_0001 - Copy
Comfort of the Country Porch Under the Oaks and Suds Bunny. Look close. His little stuffie self is there. Suds is back. It IS OK to be happy!

46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Comfort

    1. Hey Evis! Suds Bunny is happy you are his biggest fan! I swear I could live on that porch and we pretty much do. BUT, we sat under the Oaks this afternoon and watched the little birds blue take baths, listened to the Jays and Mr. Tanager and the Chickadeedees and Titmousers and Nuthatches. Watched some rain clouds threaten to sprinkle, but nada. Hope all is great on your mountain top!


      1. Life is bumpy. Hope it helps to know that we all have that in common. Had some of my own “hiccups” recently. Still getting over some residual effects…mostly because I was blindsided. But like you, I’m making my way back to normalcy.

        We’re all in this together, girlfriend…we just keep on truckin’… 🙂

        …a comfy porch is a nice place to watch the world go by… 🙂


    1. Hi Cheryl! Nice to see you! Suds is happy to have some blog time. We love the porch, it really is my comfort place. Izzy isn’t with us. It was a sad time. I will send you an email. Happy Fall to you and your Hubby too! It has been gorgeous. We sat under the Oaks until it was time for dinner tonight and didn’t want to come in!


  1. I’ve missed you *and* Suds! Love the header, and I’ll take one of those porches to go, please 🙂 I’ll bet you’ve been enjoying our wonderful Fall weather too. Right now we are getting a nice soft rain. Music to my ears!


    1. Hi Tammy! Had a bit of a bumpy summer at Under the Oaks but things are looking better. Suds was brought out for comfort. So I have decided to try once again at blogging. Once a week for the photo challenges. We will see if I perservere 🙂 Nice to see you! WE ARE having a beautiful Fall aren’t we? I am so happy you are seeing some rain!


  2. What a relaxing, comfortable looking porch!
    I’ve never met Suds Bunny. It’s so nice to meet him (her).
    Those are some big pumpkins in your header! It would take a very long time to make them into jack-o-lanterns.


    1. Good Morning Theresa! Suds Bunny has been around a long time. My Mom gave him to me the Easter before she passed away. 1987. She loved Easter and all the big holidays. He had been living in a huge Tupperware container in the basement with a bunch of other stuffies. When our Country Cat passed away in January of 2009, CH went to the basement and brought him up to comfort me. So, he was called to action again recently.

      I think those pumpkins are legendary in this bit of MissouREE. They are from the Pumpkin Festival in Hartsburg. The picture was shot after the Festival a couple of years ago. I couldn’t even think about picking one up, I would need to roll one on a dolly!

      I gotta have a porch!


  3. Good morning!
    I just found your blog through your comment at Farmers Daughter. Let me say that your photos have won me over! I will most definitely be a regular visitor. Love your porch and your kitty,especially!


    1. Good Morning to you too Dianna! Funny! I just read your post this morning via email subscription. I have been following you a very long time 🙂 Sundae hooked me in and your peaceful voice I hear in your writing. And of course I love your pictures and your sense of funny. Have to have funny in my life.


  4. Pix, I have missed you and Suds, oh and Country husband too! The porch looks so warm and cozy, a perfect place to enjoy a tall glass of sweet tea or maybe a lovely glass of wine. Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.


    1. Hi Julie! I have been MIA for most of the summer. A break from the computer. I will be visiting you soon and trying to catch up a little. Suds is happy to get some blog time again. Thanks for visiting today! I have been thinking about you and the girls and Winslow. See you in comments 🙂 CH said to tell you Hello, he is watching the St. Louis Cardinals trying to beat the Brewers!


    1. Awwww Susan I am so happy to see you! I am glad you agree about the happiness. I have a hard time allowing myself to be happy but I am working on it! You make me happy 🙂 Sorry I have been quiet lately but I am getting back in comment mode. See you at your blog!


  5. What a wonderful spot. I could be very comfortable there. Love the welcome to the porch sign too. I wonder if they make a welcome to the patio sign? We spend a lot of evenings out there when weather permits.


    1. We love “the Porch” and pretty much spend all our time out there watching the birds. The wire bird was a fun find, I can and do stuff him with things like little wrapped packages for Christmas 🙂 I relaly think all we need is “the porch” and a bathroom!


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