Weekly Photo Challenge:HOT!

Too HOT in HOT MissouREE for frog……

Too HOT in HOT MissouREE for a Kitty Not So Busy. Just airing it out!

The little tree frog showed up at our four season’s porch window on hot Sunday morning and I know, I just know his little frog eyes were checking out the inside of our cool porch and wishing his little hot self could have a little porch time. I was sitting in the chair feeling just a little guilty that I had that wonderful air conditioning. I really think that frog was wanting on the other side of that window.

58 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:HOT!

  1. Adorable photos! Great start with your new camera. Am adding you to my blogroll so I can return to check out more of your handiwork.

    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment…hugs. 🙂

    1. Thanks hugmamma! Goodness thank you so much for visiting Under the Oaks! It was a pleasure to visit your blog, I saw your comments on Theresa’s blog Thirdhandart and just had to check you out! I will be reading and catching up at your place when I can’t sleep. Like tonight🙂

    1. Well Hello Harry Nicholson! Thank you so much for visiting Under the Oaks. Encrusted with jewels. Hmmm. I think you do some lovely pieces of art on your blog. I must make a longer visit and read at Fusion!

    1. Thank you Touch2Touch! I love your photos for HOT! We kinda like the Cat too🙂 We just adopted her over a month ago. She is very busy and was wearing us old people out but she is settling in and settling down!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting here! We think the kitty is pretty cute too, way too busy and a little crazy but a sweetie now and then. The frog, I agree. He was adorable, such a face! I think your photo for Refreshing is awesome! I have to come spend some time and look at your wonderful photos!

  2. Cute frog! I bet he was wanting in under the a/c. It’s so HOT!!!! I haven’t seen our frog in a few nights. He usually wonders by the back porch as soon as the sun goes down. I wonder if he found a nice porch with a/c like yours to hang out on. Izzy looks very comfy and content.

    1. Carol I do not remember this kind of heat and humidity for a long long time! We went to Washington yesterday and I nearly melted. I don’t think my potted flowers are going to survive unless I move them to some partial shade and they are HEAVY!!!

    1. Little Things you are so right! I just clicked over to the post and he is indeed giving the peace sign! Cracking me up🙂 I had not noticed! I will be able to identify with Izzy too starting today thru Saturday as I hear the weather forecast for HOT MIssouREE! Thanks for visiting Little Things!!

  3. Kermit is saying “Hey lady let me in, its hot out here”. What a shot and of course Izzy is adorable. Kitties do the best Jane Fonda.

    My plants are slowly dying. Heat over 100 for weeks now with no rain. I water the flowers but there is nothing like the rain.

    1. Oh Christina don’t think I haven’t thought of you and the bunnies in that heat you have, We just got into the ugly stuff today and they say it should break Saturday but you know how those weather people don’t have a clue. You crack me up! Kitties do Jane Fonda really well, you are so right! I hope you get a break in the hot dry weather pronto!

      1. Yep, my buns dont go outside in this weather. “grin” and the rescue bunnies are in cooled buildings. They only get to venture outside in early morn. Its the bunnies that live outdooors that worry me.

  4. Oh PIx. That little frog head waiting to come in is so DARN CUTE!!!! And that Izzy, look at those stretched out toes!!! I kind of feel like that today….took a sudden day off from work today (again). Woo hoo! You know where I’m going….even though it’s going to be in the 100s AGAIN.

    1. Maria! Hey You!!! Well yeah I know where you are going, nobody going to stop you. Take plenty of water, cool off in that lovely creek you have and take treats for the four legs. That frog really is just almost too dang cute isn’t he. Izzy the Busy is baaaaad like Stellafullahella. Bad to the bone. Thank heavens she is cute. After this first moderated comment, no more so come back and see me, You know, when you aren’t working or going to that Land! Have fun today!!!!!

  5. sweetdaysundertheoaks…thanks for stopping by my blog…always like to see a new name…

    looks like you are really enjoying that new camera…I look forward seeing all your photos…

    1. Judy nice to see you here at Under the Oaks. I am Pix from the old Rural Rambles blog at blogspot. I got tired of all the hassles with Blogger and started blogging here at WordPress. I still love your photos even though I am blogging from here. I love them just as much as when I was Rural Rambles🙂 I have had my Nikon almost four years I am ashamed to say. It has taken me that long to learn what the heck to do with it and I still don’t know what the heck to do with it. AND I want to learn textures from Kim Klassen Cafe’s tutorial! So that is on the agenda too. Just not enough time! Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Great photos! If you let the frog in, it would keep Izzy busy for awhile. But the poor little frog might not survive the playdate. And, it is such a beautiful frog!

    1. Good Afternoon Theresa! Yes that little frog is going to have to be happy outside. Izzy the Busy is quite the hunter. Hope you are staying cool. Guess the weather makes for more reading time and more playing on the computer. I even did some good house cleaning today!

  7. It has definitely been a bit hot and HUMID in our dear Missouri… but that will soon change (I hope!). Your little froggie is cayute! So is your kitty. Don’t you wish us human could relax so completely?

    Have a wonderful week!


    1. Izzy the Busy is very busy right now but she is cool🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I will be paying you a visit. What a great way to meet new people! I thought that little frog was darling and I wanted to invite him in but……

    1. Suitablefish thank you so much for the visit to Under the Oaks! I think that little frog definitely wanted some cool porch time. I will have to come visit you at your blog. Good night for visiting new blogs, the heat makes reading blogs the best thing to do! I probably don’t need an excuse though🙂

    1. Hi Andrea! He is a cutie. I never thought of an aquarium. You know just for a while🙂 I am pretty sure he is the same frog that was sharing the hummer feeder with the hummers. And I am sure he is the gutter downspout sitter. Thanks for dropping by Andrea, so nice to see you. I am going to work on textures tonight, IF I don’t fall asleep. It will be my first attempt with Kim Klaussen. Thank you for the link.

  8. I’m going to channel Izzy tonight when I lay down my weary bones and try to get some sleep – she has chillaxin’ down to a science, huH? Love the frog! I’m a bit partial to them, and i miss our tree frog that always camped in our big kitchen window each summer. Where have all the froggies gone?? Stay chill, Pix! This weather is brutal.

    1. Good Morning Tammy! I know!!! Those kitties know how to chill and live in the moment. It has been said a gazillion times before I know, but I am going to say it again. I need to learn to live and think like a cat. Life would be so much simpler🙂 We are trying to stay cool. Had to go to Jeff yesterday and run errands. It was BRUTAL! Need to go back today to pick up the SUV, it was being worked on.Hope Flat Creek’s critters all stay cool, I know you will be doing all you can to make sure they do. I think all the tree frogs are here! I am praying for a break in the heat.

  9. I thought I commented on this post earlier!

    That’s a seriously cute frog, but I think I might have had a little heart attack to find him there. We have a few frogs, but none that climb like that. (I think that might be a good thing.)

    Izzy is Awesome. I love that stretched out pose… it looks like she’s doing yoga.

    1. Frogs don’t bother me, but hoppers, spidies and lizards can make me scream like a little school girl. Izzy the Busy needs to think about doing some yoga and getting in touch with her softer, slower, gentler side. She is manic🙂 Hope it is just a kitten thing or the life of peace as we know it shot! I am pretty sure you commented on this post too, have to look😉

    1. Hello! The frog still hangs around here. He is an interesting character, as it gets cooler I guess we will be frogless. The kitty was caught in a relaxed moment. She was and I assume still is a very busy kitty. She is at her forever home now being loved and she better be being good. She was a sweetie but she had that zoom, zoom mischievous Calico personality. I enjoyed my visit to your blog this morning!

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