Computer Went To The BIG CITY

I am without my laptop. Bah. It went to the BIG CITY for a clean up and makeover Wednesday. Thankfully, it is in very good hands. All the blogs I visit to say “Hello” that are on my favorites list and my pictures tagged along with the computer so I can’t casually flit around and comment. Please excuse. Hopefully the computer will be home soon. Until then I am on CH’s computer and there are none of my favorites on HIS computer so I will make do with browsing where I can and limited commenting. Bah, again. I think this is the first or second post I have ever done without a picture. That’s just so wrong. A post without a picture. I must have a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. –Attributed to several writers I discovered as I googled this wise wonderful adage.

Have a very nice July 4th Holiday everyone!

Yes, everyBODY! Yep, all you lucky peoples out there with their computers! I guess I will have to make do with wine time Under the Oaks in the afternoons with CH, ALL FOODS popular on the 4th of July holiday and reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog for my book club.

Hmm. I just might have a post with pictures! We celebrated The Mama’s (CH’s Mom) 82nd Birthday yesterday and I clicked a few pictures  🙂

31 thoughts on “Computer Went To The BIG CITY

  1. I just hate it when I’m without the laptop. I feel your pain. It does sound like you have a great weekend planned. I’m still not sure what we will be doing this weekend. Doesn’t sound like me at all does it? I ALWAYS have a plan. Oh well…We’ll talk to you next week.


    1. Cecelia that is why my computer went to the BIG CITY. I was having problems with previewing and I had lost my Nav bar at the top of my blog. I left Blogger because of all the issues and now WordPress has some glitches I can’t work around. I can’t post an entry if I can’t preview! Hope all is good with your computer and WordPress now. Thanks for stopping by to wish me well. My puter is still in the BIG CITY and I probably won’t see it till next week. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah, I want it back! I am missing the Weekly Photo Challenge and it is too dang HOT and humid to go out and thry to shoot something. Have a nice 4th of July.


  2. I was wondering how Izzy was settling in…. only not really, because I figured that you’d be loving her to bits already. How could you do anything else? At least you have an excuse for your lack of Izzy pictures.

    Happy belated birthday to the Mama. Happy Forth to all!


    1. Janice Hello! Izzy is settling really well now. It was a little iffy for a bit. Wow, she is some piece of work and she is a willful little thing. Country Cat was such a quiet submissive kitty personality. I think she didn’t feel good for a very long time and I didn’t realize it. I got some Izzy pictures this afternoon! Thanks for the birthday wishes for The Mama, I will pass them on!

      Happy Canada Day from MissouREE!


  3. I hope your laptop is well cared for and returns home soon. It is hard to be without them. Are we addicted, or what?
    Have a great weekend, safe and happy! Oh, and please, give the Itty Bitty Busy Kitty a tiny hug from me. Are you going to post more pictures of her – when your laptop returns?


    1. Hello Miriam! So nice to “see” you! I hope that laptop comes home from the BIG CITY very soon, but I know it will be after the 4th now. Yes.We.Are.Addicted. I didn’t think I would admit it, but I will admit it to you 🙂 I will give the Itty Bitty a tiny hug and tell her it is from Miriam, she will love it. I have pictures I took this afternoon of her with her first sunflower. CH threw ten gazillion seeds out in our west field and the little yellow faced flowers are popping up. They are going to be so happy and cute out there. So Itty Bitty Busy Izzy might get some blog time. I just don’t want to bore everyone with pictures of the CAT.

      Hope you and your Hubby are having a nice holiday. At least eating some good eats!


  4. At least you’re very talented at writing and can still deliver a wonderful post. I’d be dead in the water. That said, I hope you get your computer back soon. I do miss your beautiful photos!


    1. The photos Theresa, I am still working on learning to shoot nice photos. At least I love it when I find something to snap happy! I think you have a new post for me to see…….

      Thanks for coming by Theresa, love “seeing” you! Guess it is hot, hot HOT in KC too.


  5. Hi Pix, too cute…Izzy the Itty Bitty Busy Kitty! My daughter asked me to ask you for more Izzy photos! She thinks your Izzy is so pretty (so do I). She loves our Stormy and if it were up to her, we’d have lots more kittens. Hope you get your ‘puter back soon. I’d be lost without mine. Hope you and CH have a good weekend! And happy belated birthday greetings to The Mama. Can’t wait to see the photos.


    1. Hi Cheryl !!!! I have more Itty Bitty Busy Izzy photos and I am going to try to post them on CH’s puter. Cheryl, was Stormy such a frenetic furry mess of perpetual activity and devil like behavior. Iz is a sweetie but oh my! Reminds me of the old saying my Mom used all the time. “When she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad she was horrid!”. Your daughter makes me smile that she would like to see more pictures of Izzy the Terrible! Thank her please! Stormy is a cutie, I love her colors and how can you not love a kitty that winds up in the middle of the Christmas tree! And I am so lost without my computer. Who knew? I will tell The Mama you wished her a Happy Birthday, thank you. You all enjoy your Holiday!!!!!


    1. Touch2Touch thank you for the visit here Under the Oaks! I am thoroughly enjoying the Hedgehog. What a great book! It took me a few pages to get comfortable with it but now I can’t put it down. The computer can’t get back soon enough! Enjoy your weekend!


  6. came over to answer your question on my horses and fireworks. i pen one up in a barn paddock every night (to keep him from eating 24/7). the other has freedom but usually stays close to the barn and her fella. we do get neighbors with fireworks, but the horses usually stay relatively calm as long as they can be near each other and even go into the barn so they don’t have to see them. 🙂


  7. Hey Pix!
    I sent you an email because you won the cookbook! I know you dont have your computer right now but send me your addy as soon as you can. I had it and I cant find it. 🙂


      1. I think you will get a kick out of Pix. One of our volunteers came up with the idea and did a wonderful job and it can be enjoyed by non-vegetarians. (I am not a veggie) There are also some great stories in it about the volunteer’s bunnies that will make you laugh. I can highly recommend the cold veggie pizza and the zucchini stuffed mushrooms because their mine. 🙂 And there is a vegetarian chili recipe in it that is AWESOME with the beer bread.


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