Odd Couple……..

And I am not talking about me and CH! No idea why that frog picked that place. Maybe to survey his little bit of country in our back yard. He had to do some hopping or tree frog type crawling with those suction cup feet to get there. He had to crawl up the side of the house under the eave and slide down the red wire hanger. And serioulsy we did not put him there. The little hummer looks as perplexed as we were and slightly startled.

33 thoughts on “Odd Couple……..

  1. This is a great picture! The two critters are so absolutely cute!

    I want to thank you for visiting my blog and for the message that you sent to me. If there is anything I could do for you to be able to leave your comments there, without having to expose ourselves to spammers and/or crazies, please let me know. I will do it. If not, and if you don’t mind sending me emails, I will love it the very same!


    1. Miriam I don’t know of anything or any way and I am just as happy to send you my comments thru your email 🙂 Thanks for coming to see me. Your comment won’t have to wait for an approval here anymore after this first one. Talk at ya later! CH saw that frog critter sitting on there and couldn’t believe his eyes. When I snapped the shot the little hummer was a surprise!


  2. He probably jumped down from the tree Pix. That little hummer looks like she is saying “what the heck are you doing here?” That is precious.


    1. Christina I thought the very same thing that you did about what that little hummer was thinking! And Christina could you tell me if this reply came to your email too? I am just trying to figure out this comment thingie here at WordPress.


    1. Yes I thought it was an odd choice for a tree frog too. We have one that sit under the cap on our propane tank too. Quite possibly the same one. When they get to talking to each other it makes for some interesting sounds. And they DO like to talk to each other. A whole lot.


    1. You are so right Carol! We have one that is on a limb right above us in our wine time place Under the Oaks. At least he is where he belongs, but he has lots to say there in the afternoon and we would like for him to quiet down a bit 🙂


    1. Thank you for your visit here! That is some arrogant froggie, he was on the back of the lawn chair today next to the hummer feeders! I will be paying a visit to your blog this morning as soon as I get myself awake 🙂


    1. Good Morning Sam! I am telling you it has been crazy around here with the critters this Spring. This isn’t our house it’s the critters and they reign! It’s craziness I tell ya! I think we will call him Ninja. We name all our wild critters.


    1. It was truly odd! My husband saw a lump on top of the feeder and we looked closer and it was a little tree frog much to pur surprise. We have a lot of nature out where we live and every day you don’t know what you are going to see. It’s a surprise a day! Again thanks for stopping by and taking a look and reading 🙂


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