Old Oak. Old Man Squirrel.

The “Old Man”. He was such a huge personality in a tiny brown squirrel body. We were mesmerized by his presence. We laughed and cried over him a whole Summer and Fall. More often than not he showed up for wine time under the Oaks with us in the afternoons.

We had a glass of MissouREE sweet wine and he had cracked Hickory nuts.

He is missed. But we see a red squirrel now and then and say, “Oh yeah, that’s one of the Old Man’s kids!” And then we smile.

7 thoughts on “Old Oak. Old Man Squirrel.

    1. Sheila! Thank you so much for stopping by! I am still working it out and will be forEVER! Your blog is beautiful, I want to go and read it all when I have time, I feel like I am on vacation when I visit you. I am overwhelmed by all the “stuff” in WordPress but I will figure it out 🙂


  1. Again…I see the last pic on a friendly greeting card. When I was a little girl we had a squirrel that came to visit. We called him Brushy (not very original huh?) He would take a pecan right out of your hand. I still have all the slides from my dad and want to get them on something so I can get some of them on my blog.


    1. Brushy Awww. That does not surprise me that you had a friendly wild squirrel and he took food right from you. You started early loving the critters!

      That would be cool Christina to do something with the slides. We have a bunch too from back in the 70’s. I would love to do it. IF I could find them. I have some picture I would love to scan but finding the ding dang time.


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