Friendly Fill-ins ~ Week 97

I am ready for the Fill-ins… I am! Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen at 15andmeowing host this fun Friday question and answer and I really enjoy it. If you would like to join in and/or read the other Fill-in posts just click on the badge above. So here I go… but not without a picture and it does relate to my answer to one of the questions!

This picture was clicked at the South Jetty in Venice, Florida… our home away from home. The South Jetty is not our home, but Venice… don’t want to get you all befuddled here. The jetty is one of my favorite spots to relax and enjoy the water, birds, watch the people that fish and people taking their boats out of the marina. And then… wait for it… they have the best hot dogs at South Jetty!

Okay, really… here I go!

  1. When I am nervous, I worry. When I worry I get more nervous. It is crazy making behavior and I am always working on trying to change which gives me something to do to forget about being nervous. Having a constructive task to break the cycle helps. So does being near water where there are birds, flowers, trees, and shells… and hot dogs. South Jetty!
  2. When I am angry, I usually shut down… or yell. I am angry about something traumatic that happened to our family last week but my being angry will not change a thing so I need to let it go.
  3. Today, I know for sure that life is short. Every moment of every day needs my total positive attention. I feel the need to tell the people in my life more than ever how important they are… tell them how much I love them. Thank them for being in my life and making my life so much better.
  4. For St. Patrick’s Day, I usually don’t do much if anything at all. We used to make a pot of kielbasa, potatoes, and cabbage but now St. Pat’s is just another day for us. I think the only holidays or special event days we celebrate are Thanksgiving and Christmas. The last three or five years, I celebrate the tiny moments in life that make me happy, make me smile. It really is all about the little things. As I type this I think we will be celebrating St. Pat’s with new friends that we have met and you know there will be FOOD… maybe a Grouper sandwich and it will be at a restaurant on the water! Does it get much better than that? Friends, FOOD, water… and a view!

That is it for this Friday. I might, might work on keeping my Fill-ins shorter but it seems lately I have so much to say.

Thank you to Annie and Ellen for the Friday Fill-ins… always!

Happy Birthday, Madi!

To celebrate Madi’s 16th Birthday she is having a Road Trip hop and I wouldn’t miss it for nothin’ because I love Madi and Mom and I LOVE cars! Both my parents were car lovers so how would I miss getting the car loving gene? We are to tell a story about learning to drive… if our parents taught us, if we went the driver’s ed route, and the fun or not so fun things that might have happened. So I am going to tell the story about learning to drive and the day I took my drivers license test. Here it is Madi and Mom… the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. It got pretty ugly.

I wasn’t much interested in learning to drive. Most of my friends had their license but I was more interested in horsing around… literally. I preferred the real kind of horse power instead of the engine under the hood kind. And truthfully, I was scared to death to have my Dad teach me to drive. He was a cool Dad but he didn’t have a lot of patience. Our first learning to drive session was our last after driving to the parking lot at my high school and tooling around there briefly and driving back home. He threw open the back door and yelled to my Mom to call the drivers ed guy you had to pay to get legally on the road. Did I mention my Dad was a bit short on patience?

So, I did the driving lessons with a man in our tiny town. Our private Catholic high school didn’t offer drivers ed but it did have morning mass where you could pray that you would pass your drivers test. I didn’t pray hard enough. Took the first few lessons in the instructor’s car, you know, where he had a dual set of controls so there weren’t any mishaps. And then you drove the car you were going to use for the test. My dad drove a 1967 Chevy Impala, it was a tank, and my Mom had a little white Ford Falcon convertible with red seats… it was sweet. My Dad went out and traded it on a 1966 green Mustang but that’s a whole other story… my Mom was inconsolable. I finished out the driving lessons in the little convertible and all was good. I hit the I55 highway to St. Louis with my Dad and he declared me a damn good driver… said I drove like a man! No sissy girly driving for his daughter.

The day of the test he wanted me to take the TANK… what the heck? He drove me there and he parked on the street on a slight decline and turned the wheels into the curb. He had NEVER done that before but he had heard a whole lot about turning the front wheels into the curb on hills for the past few weeks. Into the license office we went and I got a nice police guy with a buzz cut like you would have expected. I was not then and am not now good at any kind of test so I was terrified, intimidated, and my Dad was standing there with his hands in his pant’s pockets rocking back and forth in his shiny wingtips. I just wanted him to go get a coffee and a couple of eggs over easy… anywhere else but where I was going to be taking my test.

Buzz Cut slid into the passenger seat and I reluctantly got in the driver’s seat. There were some preliminary instructions and questions and then he told me to start her up. I did… that went well. Put the car in drive, it was an automatic on the floor, and gave the gas pedal a little nudge. The car would not move forward. Buzz Cut said to give it a little more gas and so I did. This is where it got ugly. I gave it too much gas, jumped the curb, and hit the parking meter… I mean hit the parking meter hard enough that it was listing quite a bit. I was mortified, in shock, and my Dad was running towards his beloved gold Impala. Buzz Cut said that was it for me and that I might like to come back and try again on another day in six months… YEAH, on another day when my Dad hadn’t cut the tires to the curb and in the sweet little car of my Mom’s that I knew like the back of my hand. I didn’t talk to my Dad for a week and I didn’t go back for my drivers license for a year.

I passed my test with flying colors a year later, maybe less than year. My girlfriends were all sympathetic, no snickering, at least that I know of. Well, there was one girlfriend that laughed and made me feel miserable but she isn’t a friend anymore. CH says I still drive like a guy… Hey, I think I drive like a woman who knows cars. I love a manual four on the floor but both our vehicles now are automatics. I had a jeep for a short time a few years back and that industrial sized shift and clutch put my back out. Sent that to the used car lot! I still love cars, I love to drive… fast, with the radio up. And I never, NEVER cut my front wheels to the curb even if I am parking on a mountain. When I put a car in park that car better dang well stay in park!


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Happy 16th Birthday, Madi!

Friendly Friday Fill-ins!

When you see these two cute cats on this badge you know it’s Friday and you know it is time for Friendly Friday Fill-ins hosted by Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen at 15andmeowing. If you would like to link up and join the fun just click on the badge… it’s that easy!

This picture really has not one thing to do with Ellen and Annie’s Fill-ins today but I found it and it made me smile AND I can’t do a post without a picture AND, AND, AND, a shooting star is a symbol of good luck. It seemed appropriate today for a lot of reasons. You should always see a shooting star with a friend and I have one in mind… she should know who she is. She wisely told me to focus on the positive yesterday and what better way to do that then to do the Fill-ins!

  1. Before you eat chili, you need to grab the jar of peanut butter so that you can have a little bite of PB with every bite of chili.
  2. After my riding lessons when I was a kid my Mom took me to Steak and Shake for one of their awesome grilled ham sandwiches. I don’t think they are on the menu now. I have the sweetest memories of those lunches with my Mom.
  3. Winter can be a beautiful season, especially to photograph. But winter has not been playing nice and I think I have had enough of it… even though it can be beautiful… focusing on the positive here!
  4. Spring is a time of rioting joyful little flower faces and the hurried feathery efforts of birds to find prime real estate to raise their families. Mr. Tanager comes back to the Tiny Ten around the 15th of April. We may miss him this year, but that’s okay because he knows the Tiny Ten is his summer home.

So, that is it, that’s what I have for this Friday!

Thank you to Annie and Ellen for the HAPPY of the Friday Fill-ins!

The Mama ♥

The Mama was mentioned quite often on this blog. She was a joyful presence in real life, filled with optimism and a sense of funny that tickled us all. Pictures of family have not been a part of my blog out of respect for their privacy but I am making this one exception.

The Mama, known also as GiGi and/or Gram, loved “her boys” and family more than anything in the world… except maybe her husband, Charley. The Mama left her three boys and the boy’s wives, her nieces, nephews, her cherished grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and the remaining family that she was devoted to on February 14th, 2018 to be with her husband, Charley, on Valentine’s Day. She left peacefully in her sleep. Our hearts are broken but we are comforted by the thought that she and Charley are together… we know with all our hearts that they are both watching over us lovingly and protecting us.

“Sons are the anchors of a mother’s life.” ~ Sophocles



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Hello! I am going to take a bit of a blog break. We are going to have a busy end of February and a busy March and April. We are going to be as busy as that bee up there chasing Pooh! I am going to miss Fill-ins and Sparks and all the good people that take the time to read my blog and leave such good and kind comments. I will be reading when I can and sneak in a comment here and there. See you when the busy settles down! Wishing you all a great Spring… you know it is on the way!

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Friendly Friday Fill-ins

Joining Friendly Fill-ins hosted by McGuffy’s Reader and 15andmeowing. I enjoy having Fill-in fun on Friday and if you would like to join or check other Fill-in posts please click on the badge above. I am sliding in a bit late this Friday, something else had the nerve to get in the way of my morning blog happiness but here I go!

  1. The Winter Olympics are a wonderfully bright spot in a boring time of TV programming. Of course they are much more than that and I think a lot about how much we look forward to seeing all the athletes compete and enjoy the extra news and stories that are part of the programming. CH and I enjoyed watching Curling yesterday afternoon. I am fascinated by the sport of Curling and get a chuckle out of watching them do the sweeping with the brooms. There is a lot of intensity in the faces of the people who participate in curling… what can I say, I just love watching it.
  2. I think the most romantic movie (or book) is Desk Set with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. There are so many “most” romantic movies but I love older movies and I have always had a crush on Spencer Tracy. We watch Desk Set at Christmas every year. It is a tradition for us and is right up there with homemade noodles on the HAPPY meter.
  3. Recently, I had an odd experience when I was in the grocery store. I don’t have odd experiences like this so it left me with a mix of emotions. CH and I were food shopping  and I turned to go down the aisle and there was a tiny figure that looked just like my Mom from the back. Her distinctive huge purse, hair, and a top and navy blue pants that were just what she would have worn. And the shoes… a pair of white tennies with what I assumed were pantyhose. My Mom never went out of the house without pantyhose on. I just wanted to go up to this lady and slip my hand in her hand. A few days later I had the radio on and Smokey Robinson’s song “Just to See Her” came on. Those of you who know me know what a big fan I am of Smokey Robinson. “Just to See Her” played on the radio when CH and I were making the hour drive to begin the service for her wake back in 1987. I looked out the window and tears rolled the whole drive. I am sure many of you have experienced something similar to this. It left me unsettled but comforted. CH often sees people who remind him of his Dad.
  4. I believe that love is complicated and way too deep a subject for this befuddled gal to get into today. I have lots to say about love but not gifted enough with words to get it right! Love can be such a tiny thought or action and that is the kind of love that amazes me the most. I have so much more to say and just can’t put it into words without getting all caught up in an emotional ramble.

Monday Sparks! 18

Annie from McGuffy’s Reader has this to say about her Sparks… “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world.”

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Friday Fill-ins! Week 91

It’s Friendly Fill-in time hosted by Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen from 15andmeowing. Click the badge above to visit other Fill-in posts and to add your Fill-ins.

  1. Trust is essential but complicated.
  2. I would protest the lack of chocolate chip cookies at our house.
  3. I have loved horses since I was two when my Granddad set me on top of a swayback old gray mare.
  4. Right now, I am craving a Tim Tam.

And a BIG thank you to Annie and Ellen for the Fill-ins!