Random Five Friday

photo (1) - Copy copyI like Wine Time at 4pm. I like Missouri Catawba in a Tervis Tumbler. With a couple of ice cubes. I asked my cardiologist as he was exiting my room at the hospital 9 years ago if I could still drink wine and he said, “sure, just not a tumbler full”… :roll: I am allowed 5 ounces.

I labeled the picture in this post “Wine Time in a Tervis Tumbler” on Instagram and had a fun exchange with a blogging friend. Thank you friend! I like Instagram because you laugh lots there.

Wine Time on The Porch is always in the company of Kermie the Frog.

Finally found the perfect comfy pair of levi jeans after years of looking. They remind me of the boys levis I wore in high school. Except now they have a bit of stretch to allow for tummy expansion.

Another winter storm with ice and snow is bearing down on us. I have had it. I know compared to many of you we have had it easy and we need the moisture because of drought conditions but Winter needs to pack its bags and go. Freezing rain gives me a cranky and scares the heck out of me. It may be us that packs and goes.

Joining Nancy for Random Five Friday!

Bruschetta and Them Boots.

DSC_1192 - Copy (2)
I set up a nice little wine time with bruschetta and gave the whole happy afternoon event the color orange so I could do a color coordinated post about them boots waaaay back when Big Brown came bouncing down the road with them. Bruschetta fixings came from St. Louis, MO and my favorite food store Dierbergs. CH is so wanting to get busy with that bruschetta but I won’t let him touch nothin’ till I get a shot of them boots! See that smile.

DSC_1182 - Copy (2)
The longer it takes me to get them boots and the bruschetta and the wine glasses just right CH starts to see this may take longer than he thought but dang he should know by now.

DSC_1188 - Copy (3)
He begins to see the whole thing may be going to hell in a handbasket. Patience is short.

DSC_1189 - Copy
Patience is shot.

DSC_1193 - Copy (2)
Patience is GONE. Went to the kitchen and made his own bruschetta. But look at them boots and that lovely wine and colorful plate!

Now that’s a picture!

Wordless Wednes…… Them Boots.

DSC_1130 - Copy
You may, I say MAY have heard me mention I bought some boots…

DSC_1162 - Copy
I feel like Bigfoot Sasquatch walkin’ around in them. Especially around the house. Them boots feel so good on my feets I don’t want to take them off.

I think I need some more… :D
Shhhhhhhhhhh. It’s Wordless Wednesday.

Pictures by CH.
That oh so attractive white sewer looking pipe is not a sewer pipe.
It is a very fancy attractive protect the birdbath heater cord from the squirrels pipe.

We Got Rain! Cue Gene Kelly Singin’ In The Rain.

Yesterday thankfully Hurricane Issac got his rain-filled self up to Missouri and gently and consistently dropped a little over two inches of rain all day on the Tiny Ten. We hadn’t had rain since the first week of May. I have been sad. Sad for the farmers and people that raise livestock, sad for the wildlife and sad for us. I have been cranky. I have been hot. There were other issues too. I have been neglectful in commenting and blogging because I didn’t think I could keep my cranky and whining self from being a depressing pain in the butt. So, I stayed quiet. Yesterday I sat on the porch with CH and at 4:30 we had wine time and I smiled because I think we may have turned the corner on this drought and heat. Fingers crossed. The new Teva sandals that Big Brown brought right before wine time helped with the smile too. We watched Suzy and Mr. Suzy Brown Squirrel cavort in the rain Under the Oaks. Fall is on the way. I picked up my camera and clicked for the first time since May. Today is the first day of September, my birthday month. I don’t think I want to be quiet no more!