Hey I Got New Boots Today!

Thank you Margie! You are so sweet, so funny, so thoughtful, and so dang talented! Love ya!

If you love these BOOTS painted by Margie please visit Artfully Ours where she is joined by her dear friend Gail on their artistic adventure and as Margie says, “artsy fartsy inspiration is guaranteed”. You can request Margie and Gail to paint what floats your boat, tickles your fancy, or makes you dance happy! I of course picked BOOTS! Margie also has her own blog that I have been following for years… Latebloomerbuds. I head there every dang day a notice of new post pops into my inbox!

Suds Bunny Models My Scarf

DSC_2203 - Copy
Suds Bunny is on The Porch modeling the scarf that Madi’s Mom crocheted for an auction that Mollie and Alfie organized to help Holly when her sweet Mabel crossed over the bridge suddenly from bloat. Very sad. Holly was beyond sad and grieving and then a dog that needed Holly’s love came into her life… Macy.

I wanted you to see the lovely scarf that Madi’s Mom crocheted. She sent it to me super duper quick after the auction ended but the peeps that know me know I have the PROcrastination issue in a big way and also get so befuddled about things that it takes me forever to get anything done when it comes to blogging and all other things in my life. Also I don’t blog when I get the sads. The scarf is so soft and the green in it matches my favorite Carhartt jacket. So, is it FALL yet????????????? Thank you Madi’s Mom!

Good Fences… #7

Native Stone-88231

This fence was the first thing we would see as we entered the property of Native Stone Winery just outside Jefferson City, Missouri. Lots of great memories meeting family at Native Stone for birthday parties and other celebrations. Certainly miss it. Miss the wine too! How I love a windy country road. If it ends at a winery with family and friends gathered for an afternoon of laughter, well you can’t ask for much more than that!

Speaking of friends.. I am trying to get caught up on comments at your blogs. We have had a crazy three weeks. I am hoping for a peaceful summer with few issues and strange happenings. Although yesterday an unidentified critter decided that the cool earth under our front porch would make a lovely summer home. Hoping it isn’t a skunk, it would be our third one on The Tiny Ten. Gotta love living in the country.

Joining Tex for Good Fences this Thursday…

Thankful Thursday!

DSC_1994 - CopyThis lovely gallery wrap of a buoy marker came from Dianna from These Days of Mine. Dianna took the picture of this buoy/channel marker in the Pagan River not far from her home and posted it on her blog last October titled Misty Morning Fog. I fell in love with the photo and proceeded to comment on Dianna’s blog about how much I loved it.. :D This channel marker has a nest on top, most probably an Osprey nest and that was the clincher. When CH was assigned to Washington, D.C. in 1989 we had our boat at a marina off the Potomac River. We often spent long evenings after he got home and weekends in a cove called Mattawoman Creek. It was there we watched closely the raising of a family of Ospreys. Our time spent in D.C. was stressful and getting out on the boat with some very dear friends was what got us through those four years. All kinds of memories came flooding back with Dianna’s photo.

buoy-marker-10-25-2013-7-27-04-pm                                                                  Photo Credit~Dianna Keen

 This is the picture Dianna posted to her blog. Such a beautiful picture she composed and captured. If you would like to see her original post click here. Well Dianna has a big heart and the gallery wrap with her picture showed up at our house and now we have a beautiful picture taken by a dear to me blog friend that adds even more “special” to our memories. Dianna knows how near and dear this gift is to our hearts. Dianna has talked me through setting up an account on Facebook, answered questions I have had about posting to WordPress, shares a love of horses, kitties and old barns. I hope to meet her in person! Such a thoughful gift Dianna, you are a special lady. Thank you so much! I was just hoping to get a copy of the original! Dianna takes some gorgeous pictures and she has been published several times. One of her pictures has been selected for the 2015 Corolla Wild Horse Fund Calendar! Look for March! Visit Dianna at These Days of Mine for her beautiful pictures and blog posts filled with stories from her heart and some laughter too. Her Husband Motor Man and her son Marshall add charm and humor and her sweet cats Sundae and Gypsy do guest posts. She enjoys clicking and sharing beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the water from their lovely home in Virginia.