Hey I Got New Boots Today!

Thank you Margie! You are so sweet, so funny, so thoughtful, and so dang talented! Love ya!

If you love these BOOTS painted by Margie please visit Artfully Ours where she is joined by her dear friend Gail on their artistic adventure and as Margie says, “artsy fartsy inspiration is guaranteed”. You can request Margie and Gail to paint what floats your boat, tickles your fancy, or makes you dance happy! I of course picked BOOTS! Margie also has her own blog that I have been following for years… Latebloomerbuds. I head there every dang day a notice of new post pops into my inbox!

Good Fences 22

DSC_2024 - Copy
This is a bit of a cheat for Good Fences. Don’t be squinting and hurting your eyes looking for the fence that SHOULD be partnered to the gate. You can just imagine the fence that was there maybe.. used to be a four-wire barbed-wire fence but CH took it down with all intentions to have new put up but “we” didn’t get that done. So I believe gates are okay on Good Fences and I couldn’t part with the gate so it is all alone out there as a yard ornament I suppose… sort of leaves me laughing just a bit when I see it. I love the Dogwood in this picture and I thought it would be good to get a picture of it on the blog because it looks like it might not be back next Spring. Since this picture was taken this Spring its leaves have browned and it is looking pretty sad.

So Tex this “fenceless” Good Fences post is a bit like my Wordless Wednesday posts where I couldn’t keep wordless to save my life. The bird bath fits right in with this post because there isn’t a bit of water in it I noticed. But there is a gate and “we” can all use our imaginations for the fence!

Hooking up with Tex for Good Fences!

Rubbish Tuesday #16

DSC_2423 - CopyI didn’t have to go too far for today’s Rubbish Tuesday. I walked a few steps to… wait for it, if you haven’t already guessed… I walked out to CH’s workshop. I’m thinking this is at least in some sort of order, which I am sure CH would tell you. He likes it out here. It’s the only place I don’t tell him to pick up, straighten up, throw that junk away. It is his junk, all his. I don’t tell him what to do with it and I don’t go in there unless I need to drive one of our vehicles or grab one of the cutesie yard ornament things.. which it looks like the little yard things never made it out of the workshop this summer. I think we have been too busy with day trips.

DSC_2421 - CopySo Roan I might be wrong but I think this kind of qualifies as interesting junk. I find it interesting. Some stuff… I am totally clueless as to what it is.. what it’s for..  BUT this “rubbish” is CH’s treasure. It’s his rubbish and that kind of makes it our rubbish by marriage and I do find some of it interesting and I must say I have enjoyed scouting out some of the “stuff” in the pictures. I love the little turtle on the second shelf… he seems a bit overwhelmed by all the “stuff” that surrounds him. Maybe I should grab his little turtle self and give him a happy place in one of the flowers beds. It’s pretty dusty in there and it cracks me up that CH took the time to clean those farm boots up… they actually shine. Guess he wanted “them boots” to be all clean for the next trip down to clean up all the growth around the lagoon!

Joining Roan for Rubbish Tuesday!