Something Floofy Our Way Comes!

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Floofy as a description is not limited to cats I am thinking with all the feather floof this Nuthatch has going on. It was a bit breezy on Sunday and he had the wind blowing out of the South right up his floofy derriére. He and his bird herd join us under the Oaks at 4 oh clock for wine time. He isn’t shy about letting CH know the amber dish is without sunflower hearts. He chats to CH on his way to and from the workshop to fill up the little dish. This one follows CH from tree to tree, little bird feet making tiny bird step noises on the bark as he yakyak yak-YAKs until CH comes out with the full dish and sets it in the holder.

I call the Nuthatches “The Mimes” because when their feathers aren’t all floofy but rather sleek and flat to their bird bodies they remind me of mimes. Nothing silent about them at all though. They have so much to say! We know.. they say it all during wine time.

The title of this post… I think I may have picked up the phrase from Tinykittens, a foster home for rescue cats and kittens with Foster Mom Kitten Whisperer Shelly Roche in Fort Langley, BC. You can watch the kittens live 24/7 at Tinykittens Facebook page.. How did I ever go from Nuthatches to kittens? Oh my! To watch The Mimes at The Tiny Ten.. you have to come visit!

*I purchased a new lens, it’s smarter than me. For now.. :)

Suds Bunny Models My Scarf

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Suds Bunny is on The Porch modeling the scarf that Madi’s Mom crocheted for an auction that Mollie and Alfie organized to help Holly when her sweet Mabel crossed over the bridge suddenly from bloat. Very sad. Holly was beyond sad and grieving and then a dog that needed Holly’s love came into her life… Macy.

I wanted you to see the lovely scarf that Madi’s Mom crocheted. She sent it to me super duper quick after the auction ended but the peeps that know me know I have the PROcrastination issue in a big way and also get so befuddled about things that it takes me forever to get anything done when it comes to blogging and all other things in my life. Also I don’t blog when I get the sads. The scarf is so soft and the green in it matches my favorite Carhartt jacket. So, is it FALL yet????????????? Thank you Madi’s Mom!

Good Fences!

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A lovely botanical garden is surrounded by this country wood fence that had been drenched with good rain early morning Sunday. This is just a tiny glimpse of the yard that CH’s brother and his wife make beautiful with a Spring and Summer riot of colorful happy faced flowers. I love to visit them.. well they ARE family but they have the same sense of funny we have and I feel peace there. Just like I am home. The Mama, CH’s Mom, was there too. Brother and Wife are new Grandparents to a sweet boy that is close to 15 months old and we all love him to bits. He and his parents were a big part of the conversation on Sunday… :D We missed them!

There was FOOD too.. and wine! CH’s Brother does BBQ that is gourmet and Sunday was pork steaks.. Oh MY! Pork steaks, baked potatoes, salad with Sis-in-law’s balsamic vinaigrette, and sweet corn with buttah. Oh, and CH’s coconut cream pie. My sis-in-law and I are so smart, we married men who can cook!

I am joining Tex for Good Fences today after a long blog break!

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Good Fences… #7

Native Stone-88231

This fence was the first thing we would see as we entered the property of Native Stone Winery just outside Jefferson City, Missouri. Lots of great memories meeting family at Native Stone for birthday parties and other celebrations. Certainly miss it. Miss the wine too! How I love a windy country road. If it ends at a winery with family and friends gathered for an afternoon of laughter, well you can’t ask for much more than that!

Speaking of friends.. I am trying to get caught up on comments at your blogs. We have had a crazy three weeks. I am hoping for a peaceful summer with few issues and strange happenings. Although yesterday an unidentified critter decided that the cool earth under our front porch would make a lovely summer home. Hoping it isn’t a skunk, it would be our third one on The Tiny Ten. Gotta love living in the country.

Joining Tex for Good Fences this Thursday…