A Bit of a Break

DSC_1261 - Copy (2)
Hello! I am going to take a break from the old blog and the interwebs for September. We are going to have a busy September and I think a break from the computer and reading some books and doing a few day trips and real kind of vacation trips are going to be the Fall thing to do. Take care everyone and see you soon!

Oh, I set this up for comments to be closed on this post only but I am always befuddled by WordPress so it will be a surprise till I hit publish whether comments behaved my request… :D

Hey I Got New Boots Today!

Thank you Margie! You are so sweet, so funny, so thoughtful, and so dang talented! Love ya!

If you love these BOOTS painted by Margie please visit Artfully Ours where she is joined by her dear friend Gail on their artistic adventure and as Margie says, “artsy fartsy inspiration is guaranteed”. You can request Margie and Gail to paint what floats your boat, tickles your fancy, or makes you dance happy! I of course picked BOOTS! Margie also has her own blog that I have been following for years… Latebloomerbuds. I head there every dang day a notice of new post pops into my inbox!