Good Fences… 4

DSC_1475 - Copy copyTrinklein Brothers Greenhouses

Have no idea why the happy flower faces are behind the fence. Perhaps they were concerned the petunias would escape… from the cold. And snow. We make several trips to Trinklein’s in the Spring. It is a fiesta of color and happy flowers. Trinklein’s is a Spring tradition and the trip always includes lunch out… HAPPY! It is a beautiful drive to get there and a thrill to bring home our flower faces that hopefully will be with us through summer and fall. Fingers always crossed that the deer and squirrels don’t love them as much as we do!

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*Kim Klassen’s Elevate texture used for this photo.

Good Fences!

DSC_0084 - Copy copy
This is a “Good Fence” in every sense of the word because this boy is a young stallion at Warm Springs Ranch near Boonville, Missouri. It is a breeding facility for the Budweiser Clydesdales. He had his attention directed to the “girls” that day and was calling to them! This pipe fencing is used all over the 300 plus acres and somebody must keep a brush and paint can in hand because the fencing is always pretty and white.

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Pet Remembrance Day 2014

I am joining Isobel at IsobelandCat’s Blog today for the fouth time in remembering all of the pets that made our lives so much richer with their presence. Not just our pets but all the pets that have passed on. This photo gallery does not include all of the pets CH and I have loved but they are the ones that I could find and scan the old pictures. The Z Cat, also known as Country Cat was with us from May 2001-January 2009. CH and I so enjoyed going through old pictures yesterday afternoon. So many happy memories. All our loved pets tucked tightly in our hearts.

All these furry and feathery pets made my heart happy and made my life brighter. They made me laugh and made me cry. They taught me about living in the moment and living every moment with happiness. All my pets taught me about kindness.

Tonight CH and I will light candles and put them in the window and we will raise a glass of Missouri wine in the happy remembrance of all the pets that found their way into hearts all over the world and made us better people and taught us about love and respect and dignity till the end. And we will celebrate the pets that are living and filling hearts with their sweet companionship.

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Pix & Kardz ~ Remembering Samson

Random Five Friday

DSC_0245 - Copy

Can’t help but wonder how this little guy is doing. CH found him toodling along on his own March of 2012. Kept an eye on him and it became clear he was too little to be out of the nest and no adult squirrel was around to take care of him. As it started to get dark there were too many dangers for a little squirrel. I am hoping little Squee is thriving out in his own bit of country with a little girl squirrel and a family.

My Nook died. Not really, but that is the excuse I am making for the Kindle Paperwhite making its way toward me. I am excited. Amazon has such a better selection of books to choose from than Barnes and Noble. AND I have Sharechair blog to help me get the most out of my Kindle.. :)

CH is in Florida with The Mama. The house is too quiet. I love my alone time but I might, I say might have overrated its importance. A little goes a long way. But the house is clean.. :D That might be overrated too. And I miss his cooking!

The Kinda Big City of Jefferson City has come up in the world and they now have a Chick-fil-A. Another reason to be all giddy but it seems I am not the only one that is giddy over chicken because there are more peeps than I ever thought possible thinking they want some Chick-fil-A too and they are in my way to getting an 8-count box of chicken nuggets. I’m not sure but it may be that I eat the chicken nuggets just so I can dip them in the Honey Mustard sauce.

I find it totally baffling when people pull out in front of me and creep along when there is not one single car behind me for miles. Couldn’t they have waited to take their mile of deserted road? This last random fact a result of frustration over trying to get an 8-count of Chick-fil-A nuggets. Hmm, I may have to settle for a… CHEESEBURGER! That would be just awful.. :D

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